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Facts About Jim Carrey Most People Don't Know

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If you were like most people who came of age in the '90s, then you grew up with Jim Carrey in your life. He was either introduced to you as Ace Ventura, or you stayed up all night quoting Dumb and Dumber with your friends. Really, there are so many great Jim Carrey movie options that might've done the trick. But while he was making movies that would go on to be some of the largest grossing comedies ever, he was also working on his Jim Carrey persona.

From the time he spent rubbing cheese on his hands to his graffiti war with New York City police, these weird Jim Carrey stories will make you think differently about the goofy Canadian star that you grew up with.

  • He Stuffed His Pockets With Cheese While Filming 'Man On The Moon'
    Photo: Man on the Moon / Universal Pictures

    He Stuffed His Pockets With Cheese While Filming 'Man On The Moon'

    It's not uncommon for actors to go method for their roles. Jim Carrey himself is known for adapting his characters into his public persona, blurring the line between fact and fiction. 

    While filming 1999's Man on the Moon, Carrey reportedly stuffed his pockets with Limburger cheese. Paul Giamatti recalled, "He'd constantly be hugging people, and he had it all over his hands and stuff. It was disgusting. He was touching people and making them shake his hands all the time. He smelled horrible."

  • He Publicly Shamed Tiger Woods's Ex-Wife After Their Split

    When the news broke that golf star Tiger Woods cheated on his wife, Elin Nordegren, Jim Carrey shared his opinion of the situation on Twitter.

    He wrote, "No wife is blind enough to miss that much infidelity. Elin had 2 b a willing participant on the ride 4 whatever reason. kids/lifestyle..."

  • He Shared Some Uncomfortable Stories About His Childhood
    Photo: Dumb and Dumber / New Line Cinema

    He Shared Some Uncomfortable Stories About His Childhood

    Carrey's always been into art, but before he could discover his passion for comedy, he was creating realistic drawings of his father. Carrey told Rolling Stone:

    I did pencil sketches and stuff like that. My parents would come into the room and ask, 'What are you drawing?' It would be my dad looking at his watch with a gun in his hand. 'It's a portrait of you,' I said. 'It's called Waiting to Die.'. 

  • Carrey Dreamt About Killing His Mother
    Photo: The Number 23 / New Line Cinema

    Carrey Dreamt About Killing His Mother

    The biggest takeaway from Jim Carrey's 1995 interview with Rolling Stone is that he's a people pleaser who takes on too much work. He admitted that after his first big break on the NBC sitcom Duck Factory, Carrey moved his family down from Canada to live with him, which seems like it was a disaster from the start. When things got tough, Carrey decided that he didn't want them to live with him anymore, and said he was thinking about ending his mom.

    He admitted, "I ran out of patience, and I had to move them back to Canada. I was having bad dreams – I was strangling my mother in my sleep. I still supported them until I ran out of money. I went bankrupt."