Interesting Fan Theories From Dark Fairy Tale Movies That Are Wild Enough To Be True

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Movies about fairy-tales have always been a favorite genre amongst fans, especially when they have a darkness to them. From well known classics with a twist, to brand new reimagainings, fans are always invested. From unanswered questions to character quirks, some passionate fans managed to come up with some interesting theories surrounding a few of the best dark fairy tale films.

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    The Barista Knows About Jeff In 'Hard Candy'

    The Barista Knows About Jeff In 'Hard Candy'
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    From Redditor u/ELK0_:

    In Hard Candy, child molester Jeff lures a young girl, Hayley, into his home after chatting with her online. They initially meet, however, at a cafe, where a few things stuck out to me.

    We first see Hayley at the café, eating a slice of cake. She takes one bite and then claims to want more, seemingly oblivious to the rest of the cake in front of her. She also appears to be eating it at the cash register, not at a table. This happens before she even places her order. It's possible he's just giving her a sample, but I've never seen a barista do this. This isn't necessarily evidence, but it is just incredibly strange.

    The most damning evidence comes when we meet Jeff, who in a conversation with Hayley, reveals that he met this clearly underage girl online and knows a lot about her. He even does this gross thing where he wiped the chocolate off her lips and licks his finger. All this is happening barely a foot away from the barista where he can clearly hear what is happening, and is even clearly watching them from behind the counter in one shot.

    Lastly, as Jeff and Hayley sit down, we see a missing poster for one of Jeff's other victims, Donna. He later reveals the he "met her for coffee". This suggests that he's taken other victims to the same café, and that the barista has seen Donna with this much older man close to the time of her disappearance and for some reason, never thought to report it. He doesn't even bat an eye when he sees the same man with another child.

    My conclusion? The Barista is in on it. He's a friend of Jeff's, or the café is a front for a human trafficking ring maybe. There are too many red flags in the café scene for any other answer.

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    Kim And Edward Stayed Together After 'Edward Scissorhands'

    From Redditor u/zerotonothing:

    tldr: Kim had children with Edward, and their grand daughter is the girl being told the story.

    Kim declares her love to Edward at the end of the film after her ex boyfriend is killed. She claims she never saw Edward again to her grand daughter.

    She never mentions anything about the family she had after Edward, such as her own children or her assumed husband. They are never shown or spoken of. She could have easily mentioned that she went down a different path, met a new partner and had her own family. She doesn’t.

    It’s entirely possible that after Edward retreated to the mansion, Kim did in-fact visit him. Her love remained strong and she helped him live the reminder of his life as an outcast. They conceived at least one child, who then went on to have their own children. This is why it appears Kim is a widow despite having children and grand children. She kept Edwards relationship secret to protect him, knowing society could never accept someone so extraordinary.

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    Elisa Isn't Entirely Human In 'The Shape Of Water'

    From Redditor u/Theworstatthis:

    TL/DR: I think Elisa was born a mermaid and turned into a human from being out of the water.

    I believe Elisa was a mermaid when she was born. I have several reasons to believe this and it may make more sense going into the movie with this state of mind already set. Here are the reasons i believe this:

    1: She was born near a river (or so her file says) and she was an orphan. No further knowledge on her childhood.

    2: She is mute (this is in direct correlation with him not being able to talk, and i will guess it has to do with number 3)

    3: Three cuts on both sides of her neck where I believe gils used to exist

    4: They talk about how they can exist in and out of water due to a dual breathing system.

    5: She masturbates everyday in water and my belief is she is immediately drawn to water without knowing she is, which brings up the main point of the actual story, number 6.

    6: She is immediately drawn and attracted to him and can't keep herself from wanting to understand and be with him.

    7: When he heals her cuts underwater, she has gills....I mean...gills guys...

    8: My biggest theory is that I believe if he were to stay out of water long enough, he would also change into a human. He was losing his scales and his lungs were completely taking over (when she was listening to his chest on the bed) and I think this is what originally happened to her. They continuously talk about how little they know about this creature/thing/man.

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    Coraline's Parents Are Dead In 'Coraline'

    From Redditor u/Karl_Cross:

    tldr: Coraline is the story of a little girl who can't accept the death of her parents.

    Near the beginning of the film, Coraline's mother makes a comment about how their plans had changed 'since the accident' and points to her neck brace. Throughout the film, the parents have no interaction with anyone but their daughter. Coraline even resorts to building her mother and father out of pillows to sleep between them. She makes a comment to the cat about them never coming back on their own and when she sees them in the snow globe of Detroit zoo it's because thats where she had her last day out with them. She actually lives with her two neighbours who are both senile allowing her free roam to do what she pleases. The groceries left on the counter have rotted because they've been there for months.

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    The Faun Orchestrated All The Misfortune That Followed The Tests In 'Pan's Labyrinth'

    From Redditor u/Ryelvira:

    "My mother told me to be wary of fauns" - Mercedes, when speaking to Ofelia

    Everything goes by the book during the first task, but the second task is where aspects begin to go haywire. The fairies, who are directly connected to and possibly instructed by the faun to point towards the middle keyhole— a keyhole that doesn't work. Ofelia chooses to go to a different one than what the fairies instruct her to choose, thus shattering the directions given by the faun and by the book. Following this disobedience is a string of unfortunate events: Ofelia diverts from her task and eats a few berries (and two unfortunate and sad deaths), which leads to the faun abandoning her for disobeying her instructions.

    When the faun abandons her, the root stops responding when Ofelia brings it to her mother, but it still works. The root could have simply been told by the faun to stop responding to give the impression that he has abandoned Ofelia, but it takes a dark turn when the root is thrown into the fire and Ofelia's mother dies. More on this later.

    Subsequently, a small regiment of rebels are caught in the battle with Vidal's men and many deaths ensued. This leads to collateral damage: the stutterer's death, the doctor's death, Mercedes being rooted out as a spy and Ofelia being locked up in a room.

    The faun chooses this precise moment to 'give' Ofelia another chance, one she should not have had in accordance to the rules (with the third being the exception) and which isn't her fault due to the initial disruptance of the quest anyways. Perhaps she was bound to stray away following it.

    Yet when she disobeys the faun during the third quest, she is shot by Vidal and left to die. Mercedes suffers the grief of watching Ofelia die and most likely blames herself, if only I were in her room a moment earlier to catch Ofelia before Vidal had a chance to run off with her and kill her. We later learn the third quest was simply a ruse, a trick to see if Ofelia would spill her blood for the innocent (her baby brother), and that Ofelia has now redeemed the throne and rules alongside her mother and father.

    My point is, that if her mother had not died, then she would not be present in the end cutscene and that all the events in the movie pieced together perfectly to lead exactly to this one moment. Her mother had no (or at least she isn't implied to have any) knowledge of any of this and could not have orchestrated any of the events; which leaves one suspect: the faun.

    The faun disrupted the second quest and made it so that such misfortune would befall on all the lives connecting to Ofelia's and that both Ofelia and her mother had to have died. It was a tragic fairy tale to begin with. Fauns, by nature, are implied to be mischievous and devious as evidenced by the beginning quote of my post; and I would assume that the faun would have been the only one brilliant enough and, well, willing to orchestrate all the tragedy that led to the most crucial part of the movie: Ofelia's death.

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    Jareth Was Taken By The Goblins As A Child In 'Labyrinth'

    From Redditor u/ThiZ:

    1. Some or all of the goblins in the Labyrinth are kobolds

    Kobolds, unlike some other goblins, have a habit of hanging around humans. They thrive on human attention, and even the ones who live in the mines were known to play with humans whenever they wandered into goblin territory.

    They're like children. They NEED attention.

    As time went on, fewer people believed in goblins, and stopped making doing the things that would invite goblins and other sprites into their homes. Even so, the goblins still needed human attention. So how do you get a human to give you attention and love when no one is giving it to you willingly anymore?

    You steal one.

    Which leads us to:

    2. Jareth was part of a changeling swap

    Unlike Toby, who Sarah wished away (and honestly, how many of us oldest siblings hasn't tried that at least once?), I think Jareth was taken by the goblins and replaced by a changeling as an infant.

    The goblins make him their "king", but the position is one of name only. Sure he gets some magic powers, but they're about the level of party-tricks. His whole purpose is to be "their" human. He was raised by them, but he's still a human, with no human friends or family. What's more, he knows he's human.

    This puts Jareth is an odd spot when he falls in love with Sarah. When she wishes her brother away, Jareth probably thinks he's lucked out. Not only is he able to show off and (hopefully) gain the affection of another human being, but Toby could replace him, giving him a way out of the situation.

    But when Sarah says she has to get Toby back, Jareth is forced to go back to playing his proper role as an antagonist, even though, at some level, he doesn't want to. Throughout the film, his attempts to stop her seem, well, half-assed ("Dangers untold and hardships unnumbered" seems like a bit of a hyperbole, too, doesn't it? There were like... five.) and he seems genuinely disappointed that she keeps turning him down.

    Further evidence of this is found in the novelization of the film:

    She turned again. The wind blew her hair over her face. Brushing it back, she took one timid step forward.

    Jareth's voice came from behind her. "Turn back, Sarah. Turn back, before it is too late."

    "I can't. Oh, I can't. Don't you understand that?" She shook her head slowly, gazing at the distant castle, and to herself, quietly, repeated, "I can't."

    "What a pity." Jareth's voice was low, and gentle, as though he really meant it.


    "You have thirteen hours to unriddle the Labyrinth," Jareth told her, "before your baby brother becomes one of us."


    Jareth nodded. "Forever."

    At the end of the film, when Sarah says he has no power over her, she's only partially right.

    In reality Jareth has no power over the situation at all.

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