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People Reveal The Dark Family Secrets That They're Not Supposed To Know

Every family has secrets, but some are darker, more disturbing, and even more frightening than others. The people of Reddit united to share their darkest, most disturbing family secrets - specifically those they aren't supposed to know about.

Whether these discoveries drew them closer to their families or gave them pause, each will make you reconsider what you think you know about your own family ties. Here are the dark family secrets Reddit has to offer.

  • They Accidentally Stumbled Upon Their Dad's Infidelity

    From Redditor /u/raven_underground:

    When [I] was 12, I was looking at my mother’s photos on her phone. I don’t think she realized that she had screenshots and pictures of my dad's phone in her pictures (she’s really forgetful). But I came across text messages of my [dad] talking to one of his female coworkers who is a lot younger than him. I think it’s safe to say that there was something going on... even the emojis used were a bit crude. The woman was married, and so was my dad.

    Fast forward to the next day - I go to my dad's office, and the woman comes in to talk to my dad. She has a strained face and looks like she needs to talk. My dad leaves and comes back, and he looks tense, [then he] calls my mom to pick me up. About four months later, I found out that she was about four months pregnant.

    I, now 17, have seen the child [on] multiple occasions. The child looks tan and has black hair and green eyes (my dad is dark Italian) despite [the woman and her husband] having blonde hair and blue eyes and being white as hell. Along with this, there have been several other things to lead me to the conclusion that I have a sister, and I don’t think my mother knows. So I live with the burden of knowing my father had an affair, and my mother only knows part of the truth...

  • Their Uncle May Be A Well-Known Serial Killer

    From Redditor /u/vault13rev:

    Uncle Joseph is very probably a serial killer - a major suspect for the West Mesa Bone Collector. He is also convicted [for violating children].

    One day, Joseph was just sort of out of the picture, and no concrete answer was given why. At the time, I was young enough that I didn't think to push or particularly wonder [about] the details.

  • Their Uncle Shanghaied The Family Business And Fled The Country

    From Redditor /u/Qu1nn1fer:

    My family could have been worth millions. My grandpa's father, my great-grandfather, had built a company from the ground up called Johnson Corrugated. We made corrugated cardboard for shipping boxes. Great-grandfather was a major d*ck, but [he] had built the family empire, so we still see him in a good [light].

    My grandfather was supposed to inherit the company 30-something years ago, until Uncle Randy happened. My great-grandmother was still alive and was technically owner of the company. She was also blind and deaf. Uncle Randy comes in impersonating my grandfather and has her sign away the entire company over to him. He gives half of the 15 million to his son, who flees to Europe after [receiving threats on his life], [and] Randy [succumbs to cancer] within the month after fleeing the family... Nobody went to his funeral, and we piss on his grave...

    I found this out after stumbling into a stack of legal documents in my grandpa's attic. We still don't know where Randy's son is to this day.

  • Their Father Tried To End Them When They Were A Child

    From Redditor /u/USACM-A:

    I was always told that my dad left me when I was born, and technically it's still true, but I was told my dad was someone completely different.

    I got a little suspicious about the whole thing because my cousin, who apparently didn't know the whole cover story, told me that my dad had blonde hair and my mother had black, and that's where I get my black hair, but everyone else told me my dad had black hair. I thought about it and had little suspicious thoughts about the whole thing... [What] really revealed it to me was I had to use my birth certificate so I could join the military, and the name of my father said Alexander Smith, and my last name is Smith, but they all told me that I got my name from a baby book, so that's why my last name was different from everyone else in my family. 

    I then spent a couple days doing research on [an] Alexander Smith and found out that everything added up: He was born in Russia and changed his name when he got here, and I'm 70% Russian, so that makes [a lot] more sense... and what sold it for me is that it said his mother's name was Natasha Kelovich, which was my grandmother's name.

    I confronted my family about it, and they revealed that yes, he is my dad, and they told me what happened. To put it short, after I was born, he didn't want any kids, so he [tried] to smother me in my sleep when I was just a little child... when he was stopped by my brother and my uncle, he left and they called the police on him. He later returned in the middle of the night and set fire to our house and killed our family dog... the fire jumped to another house, and killed [an] old lady in the process

    After that, he was arrested and sent to prison for life, [and] he later died in prison. They said they wanted to keep it a secret so I didn't know my dad was a psychopath murderer who wanted to try to kill me... They were planning on telling me over letter when I joined the military, but I figured that out beforehand.