Seemingly Nice Guy Fred Armisen Basically Gaslights Every Woman He Dates

Fred Armisen is the type of offbeat talent comedy nerds love. He made a splash on Saturday Night Live before branching out with Portlandia, a sketch show beloved by the hipster set. But humor isn't the only thing he's gained a reputation for over the years, and there are lots of dark Fred Armisen stories floating around.

Many creepy facts about Fred Armisen detail his supposedly awful relationships with women. His ex-wife Elisabeth Moss described their short-lived marriage as "traumatic," and another former partner painted a picture of him entitled Portrait of a Sociopath. Armisen himself has admitted that he's no picnic to be with.

Does Fred Armisen gaslight women? It's hard to know for sure from the outside of his apparently tumultuous relationships. But there's no denying how off-putting his behavior seems in these stories.