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Dark Fan Theories About 'Friends' That Actually Make A Lot Of Sense

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It's a given that there will be a lot of theories circling around Friends considering the show ran for 10 seasons and has been just as popular almost two decades after it concluded. Some fans like to take things in a more creepy direction, resulting in dark Friends theories that can even reach macabre lengths. Others tend to place the characters in a different light, with theories suggesting they might be much more sinister characters than the show let on. Here are the theories that, while disturbing, do make a lot of sense in their own ways.

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    Carol And Susan Plotted Ben's Conception

    From Redditor u/jirouisbestgirl_:

    What if, before Carol divorced Ross, her and Susan talked about kids, and came up with an idea to have Ross impregnate Carol before Carol tells Ross she wants a divorce. The plan works out, and 3 months later (season 1, ep 2), Carol tells Ross.

    Please keep in mind that I have no hatred towards Carol and Susan.

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    Phoebe's Stepfather Killed Her Mother

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    From u/jirouisbestgirl_:

    It is mentioned on numerous occasions that Phoebe's stepdad is in prison. But it isn't ever said why. It's said that he went to prison just after Phoebe's mother died and he's still in there by the time Phoebe gets married. What could he have done to spend 17+ years in prison? Drug use would only get him at most 12 years. Murder is a pretty reasonable and likely assumption. Isn't it suspicious that Phoebe's stepfather went to prison right after her mother died??

    In one episode, Phoebe says ,"My mother was killed by a drug dealer!" She then corrects herself after Monica says, "Your mother killed herself," saying, "She was a drug dealer!" Though we don't ever hear much about Phoebe's mother, this is the only time it is mentioned that she was a drug dealer. Is it possible that this was a slip up? 

    It's also possible that their stepather told them that their mother had killed herself. Lying to them in order to protect his image in their eyes.

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    'Friends' Is Based On The Seven Deadly Sins

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    From a Redditor:

    Starting with Sloth, I associate it to Chandler, being he doesn’t like his job but stays there for 8 years, also being lazy in general. Greed to Rachel being she is introduced as the rich, materialistic girl, and keeping the similar levels of materialism throughout the show like her love for shopping. Wrath to Ross being he has a very short temper, for example being sent on leave at work. Lust to Pheobe being she is always going on dates with different people and often says sexual comments and kinky stuff.

    I know it’s debatable to give it to Joey, but she says a lot more lusty comments than Joey, plus Joey associates with Gluttony about as much if not more than Lust. Gluttony for Joey as I just mentioned, as he is always eating none stop without end, like the time he ate the whole turkey. It is also debatable to give it to Monica, but in the present day she no longer has that sin. Pride for Monica being she hates losing and claims she is the best at everything or alot of things throughout the show.

    Lastly, the sin of Envy. I’ve seen theories giving this sin to Gunther, being he envies Ross, because he secretly loves Rachel.

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    Ross's Parents Brainwashed Him

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    From Redditor u/theyellowgoat:

    My theory is that Ross' crossdressing may have been a cause for concern for his parents. In order to counteract Ross' habits, his parents give him more attention and somewhat brainwash him to play with G.I. Joes. That's why he's so adamant about Ben needing to play with appropriate gender toys.