Apparently, Working On 'Full House' Wasn't As Fun As It Looked

While the cast of Full House played the part of a big, happy family in front of cameras, the audience never got to see what went down between takes. If they did, fans would have been shocked at the appalling behavior and scandalous sense of humor that a bunch of raunchy comedians kept tucked away for the sake of mainstream TV. The behind-the-scenes drama on Full House ranged from crude antics to attempts to get coworkers fired from the set.

Like other TGIF sitcoms, the series spent years generating a world of weird and unnerving details that the audience never got to see. The show's patriarch, Bob Saget, had enough dark and dirty Full House stories to write an entire book. Even his memoir wasn't enough to adequately cover all the Full House secrets these actors and actresses generated on set.


  • John Stamos Didn't Like Working With The Olsen Twins And Tried To Get Them Fired

    Uncle Jesse wasn't always the hunky sweetheart who melted hearts with a mere "Have mercy!" The Olsen twins could sometimes be hard to manage on set - throwing tantrums, crying, and basically being babies about the whole thing because, well, they were babies at the time. John Stamos got fed up with the kids ruining takes and urged producers to fire them from the show.

    Full House tried using a couple of stand-ins after sending the Olsens off, but they didn't work out, and the twins were brought back into the family.

  • The Adult Cast Got High Huffing Nitrous Oxide From Props Backstage

    Undermining every ounce of moral capital generated by the Season 3 episode "Just Say No Way," the adult cast members were no strangers to getting high on set. Bob Saget, Dave Coulier, and John Stamos were close friends who got into their fair share of trouble between takes.

    While waiting to be called on set, the trio would make their way backstage and do whatever they felt like to pass the time - including huffing nitrous oxide out of whipped cream canisters meant for a kid's birthday scene.

  • Dave Coulier Cleared The Set With Savage Farts

    While on set, Dave Coulier had no problem breaking wind at any time. According to Saget, the smell was enough to send cast members scattering in all directions. The stench of Coulier's gas could fill an entire stage, and nobody wanted to deal with it.

    His hardcore rips are a recurring feature on gag reels for all eight seasons of Full House.

  • Jodie Sweetin Turned To Alcohol and Drugs After The Show Ended

    When Full House came to an end, Jodie Sweetin, the middle child of the sitcom family, was 13 and out of the job she'd held for most of her life. Like many child actors before her, she fell into a downward spiral that began after she started drinking at age 14. She had her first drink at co-star Candace Cameron's wedding, and things escalated from there.

    Throughout high school and college, Jodie was in and out of rehab and picked up a methamphetamine habit on top of her drinking. She had success finding treatment for her addictions, but relapses cost her multiple marriages and the custody of her first child.