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Dark 'Full House' Fan Theories That Will Change How You Think About The Show

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If you have a semblance of a childhood left, prepare to have it shattered. ABC's TGIF lineup was fraught with controversy, most of which stemmed from the actors themselves, but what if you found out that the beloved series Full House was seriously demented? Fan theories about Full House reveal a messed up family dynamic, one where the San Francisco home might actually be a Lovecraftian horrorscape. 

We already know Full House was a side gig for one of the raunchiest comedians of all time (Bob Saget, you're fooling no one). Even so, the show is often regarded as one of the best sitcoms of the '80s and '90s. It even went on to spawn a weirdly meta Netflix reboot 20 years after the fact, and reruns are still regularly played on TBS and the Hallmark Channel.

Full House was revered for its life lessons, and provided a prototype for sitcoms featuring strong friendships among adult males, but a particular Full House fan theory shatters all that in one fell swoop. If you're hoping to have Full House ruined forever, you got it, dude. These dark Full House fan theories show no mercy.

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    'How I Met Your Mother' Was Created As A Prequel To 'Full House'

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    Though Full House and How I Met Your Mother are decidedly different, they do have a lot of parallels. A conspiracy theory by Redditor /u/beautifulpop argues that How I Met Your Mother is meant to be taken as a sort of spiritual prequel to Full House. Danny Tanner is Ted; fans of both shows know their senses of humor and personalities overlap. It's alleged that the screenwriter of the more recent series changed the number of kids as an afterthought, just because it wasn't an important detail and it helped to differentiate the two sitcoms.

    Still, all the children were young when the mother passed away, regardless of their biological sexes or how many of them exist. 

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    The Tanners Are Jewish

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    The Tanners celebrate Christmas, but it's hardly the first time an American family of Jewish decent partook in the traditionally Christian holiday. One fan theory alleges that the Tanners are actually Jewish, but non-practicing.

    According to the theory, Danny frequently uses Jewish idioms, and it's entirely possible that Pam was Jewish, and passed on the sayings but not the faith.


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    The 'Full House' House Is A Living, Sinister Creature

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    According to one zany fan theory from blogger Billy Superstar, the Full House home is alive, and filled to the rafters with hatred. Prior to the start of the series, evil entities ruled the planet (and subsequently, San Francisco). As human civilization grew, they shapeshifted to disguise themselves as normal, everyday things, including the labyrinthian Tanner home.

    These beings strive to control human minds, and only a few psychic people can resist their influence. The theory alleges that the house is what killed Pam after she gave birth to three children (the Lord's number: the body, the blood, and the Holy Spirit). As the series progresses, the home starts feeding on the people inside it, and brainwashes Jesse, forcing him to change his name in an effort to weaken the Cochran family psyche. Danny degrades into a neurotic clean freak. The home is destroying the mind of the adults inside of it, and none of them ever leave. 

    According to the theory, Michelle is the one who made the deal with the Devil. She gets whatever she wants as long as she keeps the adults together. She starts forcing the adults to obey her by innocently preaching family love (basically, the theme of the whole show). Judging by Fuller House, the Tanners may never escape.

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