Dark 'Full House' Fan Theories That Will Change How You Think About The Show

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If you have a semblance of a childhood left, prepare to have it shattered. ABC's TGIF lineup was fraught with controversy, most of which stemmed from the actors themselves, but what if you found out that the beloved series Full House was seriously demented? Fan theories about Full House reveal a messed up family dynamic, one where the San Francisco home might actually be a Lovecraftian horrorscape. 

We already know Full House was a side gig for one of the raunchiest comedians of all time (Bob Saget, you're fooling no one). Even so, the show is often regarded as one of the best sitcoms of the '80s and '90s. It even went on to spawn a weirdly meta Netflix reboot 20 years after the fact, and reruns are still regularly played on TBS and the Hallmark Channel.

Full House was revered for its life lessons, and provided a prototype for sitcoms featuring strong friendships among adult males, but a particular Full House fan theory shatters all that in one fell swoop. If you're hoping to have Full House ruined forever, you got it, dude. These dark Full House fan theories show no mercy.