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14 Dark Fan Theories About 'Harry Potter'

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Harry Potter fans absolutely love to speculate about the iconic franchise. Most of the time, the theories they come up with are lighthearted or seek to explain a small, obscure detail about Hogwarts. But sometimes - perhaps possessed by the Dark Lord Voldemort himself - fans concoct some truly dark theories. One prevailing notion is that virtually any virtuous character might actually be a Death Eater. Other theories carry over into the muggle world, like the idea that Grindelwald was an ardent supporter of the Nazi party. There's even a theory that all wizards are under threat of extinction.

If you love the Potterverse and aren't afraid to learn some of its most sinister secrets, check out this list of dark fan theories about Harry Potter.

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    Harry's Grandparents Were Also Murdered

    From Redditor /u/PopsicleIncorporated:

    I've always wondered why Harry wasn't sent to his maternal grandparents'. James's parents were already dead by the time Harry was orphaned, but I don't think there was ever any definitive fate given to Mr. and Mrs. Evans. And it's not like he wouldn't have been welcome; Petunia describes her parents as being overjoyed that Lily was a witch. Harry's maternal grandparents would've probably accepted him with open arms.

    So why didn't they? Only reason I can think of is that they were dead.

    But that's really crazy - I mean, Lily and James were only 21 when they died. I know James' parents were older when they had him, but presuming Lily's parents were average-aged, they'd be in their early 50s at most by the time of their daughter's death. Why would they both be dead?

    Furthermore, why does Petunia hate Lily so much even after her death? Usually people would become remorseful with survivor's guilt.

    Well, my theory is that they Death Eaters came for Lily and Petunia's parents, and probably killed them looking for information on Lily's whereabouts. This is why Harry never went to them, and it's why Petunia remained spiteful toward Lily even after her death - she blames her sister for the loss of her parents.

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    House Elves Are Enslaved Because They Pose A Threat

    From Redditor /u/Deus-system-failed:

    So we know House Elves are immune to magical restrictions, like the apparition barrier and possibly even the fundamental laws because the House Elves in Hogwarts don't get food delivered, they could get it but it would probably be seen a stealing, I think they magical create it from nothing, as seen in the fourth book they could make custom food in seconds during the Yule ball. This violates the laws of transfiguration, and they don't seem to need wands or even learn magic to know it, they can do non-verbal and permanent magic without learning. I think the wizards knew that Elves were magically superior and seen them as a threat, so they enslaved them by taking advantage of their kindness. I think they were tricked into making a permanent magical contract with wizards to be enslaved generation after another so they wouldn't be able to rally against wizards.

    Side note: I think Elves could be the origin of magic, they seem to instinctively know it and have mastery. Maybe the first wizards were muggle and elf hybrids that became more human after remixing with humans, this would explain the genetic origin of wizards. 

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    Dumbledore Wanted Sirius To Rot In Azkaban

    From Redditor /u/murderhorny:

    One question that always bugged me is why didn't Dumbledore helped Sirius? I know that he didn't knew about the last minute switch between Peter and Sirius, but he knew that betraying his best friend isn't like him, and Dumbledore is a skilled legimens, as showed when he read Creature and Morfino Gaunt's minds, he could have read Sirius mind, found out that he is inocent and his word would be enough to free him, since his word was enough to clean Snape's name, the headmaster also has a lot of influence in the wizarding politics, this would explain why Sirius was send to Azkaban without a trial, so that he had no chance of trying to prove his inoccence, since Death Eaters that have commited equally horible crimes were given a trial. But why would Dumbledore go out of his way to ensure that one of his loyal order members would be thrown in Azkaban? Becouse If Sirius was cleaned, he would have taken legal guardianship of the little Harry, and "The Boy who lived" needed to go to the Dursleys becouse Petunia was a blood relative of Lily, so as long as Harry called the Dursleys house "home" the protecion of Lily would live on becouse of Petunia, so he would spend his formative years in a harsh, but safe, enviroment. Dumbledore is a man who does things thinking about the wizarding world as a whole, not in individuals, and on that moment, the best for the world would be to Harry to stay safe at the Dursleys until he was old enough to fullfil the profecy, and althrough he didn't disliked Sirius, he needed to put him out of the picture to his plan to work.

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    The Dementor's Kiss Takes Away More Than The Soul

    From Redditor /u/lumberzach316:

    Barry Crouch is never mentioned by name ever again. He is referred to a mere handful of times as “the imposter Moody” or other vague descriptors.

    Why is this highly capable, loyal and threatening man never referred to again?

    Because, when a dementor takes your soul, your “self” ceases to exist. Your soulless body exists in some kind of catatonic state while the memories of you fade into obscurity as the impact left by your being fades from the world with the absence of the soul.

    A fate worse than death, because even in death you can be remembered but without a soul you are nothing.

    “No memory. No...anything”

    Read the full theory here.

    Actually makes a ton of sense?