Great Movies About Very Dark Heroes

Many memorable movie protagonists ride in on their white horses to save the day, but some of the best heroes are complex characters with a dark side. The top films about very dark heroes feature brave characters who with cross moral lines in order to ultimately do the right thing. This is a list of the greatest movies about dark heroes including everything from Taxi Driver to V for Vendetta to The Crow.

What films will you find on this list of the best movies about dark heroes? Batman is famous among superheroes for his brooding tendencies, and The Dark Knight pushes him further into murky territory than he's ever gone before. The Devil's Rejects is another movie that finds audiences rooting for some very flawed heroes. When they become trapped inside a den of vampires, a family must work with their murderous kidnappers to make it out alive in From Dusk till Dawn. Other good films featured on this list include Birdman, Dirty Harry, and Falling Down.

Which dark hero would you call to save the day? Vote the best films up to the top of this list and please add any good movies that are missing.

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