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15 Dark Fan Theories About 'How I Met Your Mother'

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Up until the series finale, dark theories about How I Met Your Mother were scoffed at for being outlandish and bizarre. However, since the show itself killed off the mother the story had been hyping up for about a decade, fan theories have started to make a whole lot more sense. While many of these truly are out there in terms of believability, they do make sense given the context provided by the fans. All of these can be considered dark interpretations of the series, ranging from the topics of death, depression, and behaviors of the main characters.

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    Robin Is A Sociopath Who Doesn't Feel Remorse For Playing The Guys

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    From Redditor u/RyanIGuess98:

    I’ve been rewatching HIMYM again and I’m realizing that Robin is a sociopath.

    First off, she’s able to tell a lie without feeling guilt. This is seen in the episode where she lies to Ted (her boyfriend at the time) about being married when in fact she was testing his secret keeping ability. She doesn’t flinch when he asks her question after question. Now I realize this maybe forgivable since it was a very secret and personal part of her life but that’s not the case in season three when she sleeps with Barney. She makes it very clear to Barney that they never slept with each other after they get out of bed. Barney goes through stages of guilt but whenever the show gives a clear jab at their secret, Robin is cool, calm and collected while Barney is shook.

    Second, she is very arrogant. This is shown a couple of times early on in the show whenever the group goes through something and they talk about how the group wound up somewhere else than they planned on , Robin always leads on that she A) Hasn’t faced disappointment and B) She got her dream job. She doesn’t ever seem to get shook by empathy of other people in their group.

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    Barney's True Obsession Was To Drugs Not Suits

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    From Redditor u/Scholer833:

    In HIMYM, Barney Stinson is this womanizer who wears suits every single day. But, in season 5 ,episode 12 "Girls vs. Suits," a girl he wants to hook up with (specifically the bartender of their favorite bar) refuses to go on a date with him because he is wearing a suit. She puts her aversion of suit wearers to the fact that she dated Wall Streets guys (people known for wearing suits AND using cocaïne) before and that they weren’t good boyfriends. Barney then proceeds to stop wearing suits and it shows (sweating, ticks...etc) symptoms usually associated to withdrawal. He reveals in the next scene that he hid a suit in the Bar’s bathroom and goes in it to wear his suit for "a minute " and then comes back to the table feeling better.

    People who are familiar with the show know that sometimes the characters smoke weed. But since the show is told from the point of view of a father talking to his children’s, they use the placeholder word "sandwich" when they talk about marijuana.

    It would then be logical to give another name to all other drugs that would pop up in Ted’s story. Especially a dangerous drug like coke.

    Sandwich = weed

    Suits = coke??

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    Ted's Sister Became A Criminal

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    From Redditor u/Theluckygal:

    As predicted by Ted, Heather Mosby flaked out & did not stay in New York for too long. That's why we never see her again on the show. She has either moved out of the country or in jail for shoplifting/criminal activity. Heather wanted to work in finance so she got involved in embezzlement, money laundering crime at her job. When co-signing the lease, Ted tells her that he wants to get to know her better as he thinks she has changed but he never mentions her again to his kids & she is not a part of his life at all.

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    Robin Is Secretly Violent And Passive-Aggressively Abuses Others

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    From Redditor u/Noahdg83:

    Robin is abusive towards children?

    The entire show is told from the point of view of Ted as he attempts to convince his kids it's a good idea for him to date Robin. If Robin isn't deeply flawed in some way, convincing his kids wouldn't be that hard!

    While she doesn't drink or do drugs more than the other central characters, though it's possible one or more does have alcoholism issues that Ted chooses to gloss over.

    She's shown getting violently angry more often than any other central character. This is treated as something funny and playful by Ted... but it might be less fun to someone physically weaker than she is.

    She is explicitly said to hate children and at the same time regret her own infertility, and these sorts of conflicting emotions are more likely to lead to drama than simple hatred (or love).

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