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Dark Implications Of The 'Super Mario' Universe  

Nathan Gibson
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The Mushroom Kingdom might seem like a great place to live at first. Everything is so colorful, there are dozens of interesting places to visit, and if there's ever any trouble, Mario will show up and put a stop to it. But if it sounds too good to be true, that's because it is. The Super Mario universe is far more sinister than it initially seems - and there could be some dark implications for the Super Mario video games.

It’s already been established that there are plenty of logical inconsistencies surrounding the Mushroom Kingdom, while numerous fan theories have shown there may well be some dark sides to Super Mario that you never imagined. A closer inspection reveals all the terrible implications of the Super Mario universe.

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The Bricks Are Literally Inhabitants Of The Mushroom Kingdom
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According to the instruction booklet for the very first Super Mario Bros. game, the bricks you smash along your adventure are actually citizens of the Mushroom Kingdom. They were cursed with the black magic of the Koopas who invaded the realm with Bowser. The booklet specifically states, “The quiet, peace-loving Mushroom People were turned into mere stones, bricks, and even field horse-hair plants, and the Mushroom Kingdom fell into ruin.”

This means that every time the plumbers break apart a brick in the game, they're actually killing the cursed citizens of the Mushroom Kingdom.

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Mario And His Crew Mercilessly Destroy The Goombas
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Though some enemies within the Super Mario games actively attack Mario, the Goombas do not. They simply walk around, minding their own business. The only time they do inflict any damage is when you run into them, which could easily be forgiven as self-defense.

That doesn't stop Mario and his gang from mercilessly jumping on Goombas and destroying them without cause.

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There Seems To Be A Caste System In Place
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Not only is the Mushroom Kingdom ruled by humans, but it also appears to operate within a racist class system. The Toads are the only species that appear to work in the capital city or in any job of importance. Meanwhile, the Goombas are left to live in the woods or fields away from city centers.

Basically, every species other than the Toads are used as servants or treated as an inconvenience.

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Practically Everything Is Alive
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It's difficult to find anything within the Mushroom Kingdom that does not at least appear to be living. Everything from hills to clouds to inanimate objects have eyes and other facial features that suggest they're actually alive.

This makes it incredibly hard to do anything in this world without somehow causing suffering to the multitude of life inhabiting it. It also makes doing everyday tasks difficult when objects have a will of their own.

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