12 Times Keanu Reeves, The Nicest Guy Ever, Got Dark For A Role (And Nailed It)

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We all know and love Keanu Reeves because of his silly personality, kind heart, and kick-butt movie roles. Reeves is known for being one of the nicest guys in Hollywood, and even his costars have nothing but positive stories about the movie star. Reeves even made it into People magazine's Sexiest Man Alive 2021 issue. 

However, even the nicest of actors want to bring out their dark side for roles they find interesting, including Reeves. From Knock Knock to I Love You to Death, some of his darker roles find the actor plotting murder or just being a downright jerk. 

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  • Rosalie thought she and her husband, Joey, had a great marriage. That was, of course, until she found out he had been cheating on her for many years and with many different women. To get her revenge, she hires two hitmen. 

    Marlon (Reeves) is one of the two always-high hitmen hired to do the job. Unfortunately, the job doesn't go as they planned.

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  • Annie, a fortune teller, has a rare gift of clairvoyance, which she uses to help the police solve the murder of Jessica King. 

    Annie is certain Donnie Barksdale (Reeves) is the one responsible due to a vision in which King's body was thrown into a pond on Barksdale's property. Barksdale is revealed to be unfaithful to his wife and abusive towards her and their children.

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  • In Street Kings, Reeves plays Tom Ludlow, a corrupt undercover LAPD detective who abuses alcohol to cope with the loss of his wife. His former partner reports Ludlow's misbehavior to internal Affairs and is killed. Ludlow, wrongfully accused of the murder, must clear his name before it's too late.

    Ludlow drinks and drives, murders people left and right, and gets down and dirty in the world of guns and drugs.

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  • In The Watcher, Reeves plays David Griffin, a skilled serial killer who has eluded former FBI Special Agent Joel Campbell for years. Griffin typically studies his victims' every move before planning his attack, using his charm to reel them in.

    Griffin calls Campbell and tells him he wants the two of them to play a game: Griffin will send Campbell a picture of his next victim, and Campbell has until 9 pm that night to find and save her. 

    Reeves's chilling lack of remorse and creepy charm makes him captivating to watch.

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  • In this intense thriller, a young aspiring model, Jesse, heads to California in hopes to sign with an agency. Despite only being 16 years old, she finds her way through the competitive field, making some bitter (and hungry) rivals along the way. 

    After a wildcat breaks into her hotel room, Jesse comes into contact with Hank (Reeves), the rude, creepy hotel owner who rents out rooms to minors and gives out bad vibes. Jesse even overhears a woman screaming from inside Hank's room.

    Hank is definitely not a character you'd ever want to rent a room from.

  • 'The Bad Batch' - The Dream 
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    After being banished from society, a young woman must fend for herself in the desert. Soon, she finds herself being captured by cannibals. Barely making it out alive, she escapes and takes shelter in a place called Comfort. 

    The Dream (Reeves) runs Comfort, which is a cult that hosts all-night parties. The Dream may not seem evil in his followers' eyes, but deep down, we know that cult leaders can be dangerous and manipulative.

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