20+ Fun Facts About the Dark Knight Trilogy

All three films in Christopher Nolan's Batman saga are covered in this list of Dark Knight Trilogy trivia. Is there another trilogy quite like The Dark Knight? Sure, The Dark Knight Rises didn't reach the delirious highs of The Dark Knight, but how could it? Pound for pound, the films of the Nolanverse hold up as well as any other famous trilogy, in any genre.

The Dark Knight Trilogy is a force of nature. It's a series of films, all with their own genre and tone (Batman Begins is a thriller, its successors are a police caper and a disaster spectacle) set in one universe. The movies build one to the next and build a larger world that's familiar to DC Comics fans, but also different and unique. Oh, and The Dark Knight is consistently cited as the greatest comic book movie ever and one of the best films ever made.

This Dark Knight Trilogy trivia list compiles facts from behind the scenes, including stories from the set and casting that could've been, as well as tiny details you may have missed in the films, and more. Vote up your favorite facts below!