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Tommy Attempting To Get Rid Of Dil In 'The Rugrats Movie' Is Only Part Of The Weirdness

After five seasons, the creators behind Rugrats took the classic Nickelodeon cartoon to the big screen for The Rugrats Movie in 1998. The animated film featured all the best Rugrats characters from the original series and introduced a few new faces who appeared again in later seasons. What makes the movie stand out from the television show, though, is the amount of mature content.

There were plenty of dark Rugrats moments in the show - like that time in Season 3 when Angelica fantasizes about Chuckie being an alien - but the film takes it one step further. Besides the fact that the movie is about toddlers who are lost in the woods, at one point there appears to be an organized gambling ring designed for the adults to make money by guessing an unborn baby's weight - and that's just the tip of the iceberg.

  • It's About A Group Of Toddlers Who Are Lost In The Woods

    For a children's cartoon, this movie features a rather dark plot. The story follows the notorious toddlers as they navigate their way through a spooky forest. These woods are dark, wet, and cold, leaving the kids to fend for themselves as they try to find their way home.

    Not to mention the gang is bothered by a group of rogue monkeys that have inhabited the forest since their traveling circus train careened off the railroad tracks. The monkeys take Tommy's baby brother, Dil, and the children struggle to survive in a nasty storm.

  • Tommy Eventually Snaps And Prepares To Give His Brother To The Wild Monkeys

    When Tommy eventually rescues his brother from the circus monkeys, they do not have an especially happy reunion. Dil is still causing problems for his older brother. He drinks all the milk, leaving none for Tommy before happily going to sleep, and then proceeds to annoy Tommy with his baby antics and takes the blanket.

    Dil's behavior leads Tommy to lose his temper. In a minute-long tirade, he admonishes his brother, saying that Phil and Lil were right to want to leave him with the monkeys. Tommy then prepares to give his brother to the creatures by pouring banana-flavored baby food on him.

  • Phil And Lil Try To Get Rid Of Dil First

    After their plan of returning Dil to the hospital fails and the toddlers are stuck in the forest, Phil and Lil turn on the newborn. They hatch a plot to trick Tommy into believing his younger brother has turned into a weremonkey by dressing up a small monkey in his clothes. By this logic, Tommy will abandon Dil to his new life in the forest.

    After letting the monkeys take the baby without putting up a fight, Phil and Lil refuse to help Tommy find him and even turn Chuckie against his best friend. This leaves Tommy to search the dark and wet forest on his own.

    Later, the twins ruthlessly mock Chuckie when he shows remorse for his actions in abandoning Dil and Tommy.

  • There Appears To Be A Sophisticated Gambling Ring To Guess Dil's Weight

    During the baby shower at the beginning of the movie, Didi Pickles can be seen outside with a group of people around her. She is running a gambling operation centered on guessing the birth weight of her unborn child.

    Guessing a baby's birth weight is not inherently dark, but this appears to be a sophisticated operation featuring a betting board and large bundles of cash swapping hands.