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Fan Theories About ‘Monsters, Inc.’

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Monsters, Inc. is a Pete Docter-directed Pixar classic released in 2001 that grossed more than a half a billion dollars at the box office. While this movie may seem like a straightforward animated comedy for children, multiple Monsters, Inc. fan theories suggest a lot of subtext courses throughout the film. There are also Monsters University fan theories swirling around the prequel, which was released in 2013 and amassed an astounding $744 million in box office receipts.

Yes, a couple of these theories directly contradict one another, but that's one of the joys of fan speculation. Easter eggs coupled with creative viewer imagination demonstrate just how passionate and engaged Monsters, Inc. fans are.

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    Time Moves Slower In The Monsters' Universe

    Redditor /u/adamsimon noted that time might be experienced differently in the Monsters, Inc. universe. The theorist points to several different facts to back up this idea. Among them: Boo's voice is more mature-sounding at the end of the film than it is in the beginning; Sully seems surprised to see Boo at the end of the movie, and we as the audience do not get to see what she looks like; and if monsters can slow time, it explains why they always elude parents.

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    Jack-Jack From 'The Incredibles' Traveled To The 'Monsters, Inc.' Dimension

    In The Incredibles 2, another Pixar film, baby Jack-Jack Parr has some cool superpowers and can teleport to other dimensions. During his teleportation, a fan theory goes, Jack-Jack visited characters from Monsters, Inc.

    At one point in Monsters, Inc., a monster says, "A kid flew over me and blasted a car with his laser vision!" One of Jack-Jack's powers is laser vision.

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    'Monsters, Inc.' And 'Toy Story' Exist In The Same Universe

    One fan theory suggests that Monsters, Inc. and Toy Story take place in the same universe because both films contain sentient toys.

    In the opening scene of Monsters, Inc., toys move around in the simulation room without explanation. The soccer ball under the bed and the pile of jacks are in certain spots in one frame; then they're in other places in another clip. Toy Story shows us how bonded toys are to the kids that own them. Perhaps the toys in this scene are protecting their human.

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    Boo Is Actually The Witch From 'Brave'

    This is one fan theory that has gained a lot of traction, and with good reason. It states that Boo in Monsters, Inc. is the old witch in the Pixar film Brave. Brave is set in Scotland during the Dark Ages, and the old witch is... old, so time travel is required for this theory to fly. But according to Jon Negroni, author of The Pixar Theorythe signs are all there.

    The keys to the witch's magic are will-o-wisps that she uses to employ her magical abilities. Negroni wrote: "The theory is that Boo discovered a way to use doors to travel through time on her own, possibly by developing magic on her own. She probably went back in time to the Dark Ages to get more magic from the will-o-wisps."

    And why would she do that? To find her childhood friend Sully. Further fuel for this theory: In Brave, a wood carving of Sully is visible in the witch's workshop.

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