Weird History The Disturbing Truth About Mother Teresa You Never Knew  

Mick Jacobs

Many people consider Mother Teresa the closest thing to a modern day saint, a symbol of charity and good care. But as the video below reveals, Mother Teresa acted less saintly than conventional history tends to remember.

Most people understand Mother Teresa frequently immersed herself in some of India's poorest slums, and she did indeed. In many ways, however, she was more manipulative than nurturing to the ones she claimed to serve.

During her time as a missionary, Mother Teresa amassed over $70 million in charitable donations, the vast majority of which never went towards the areas where she actually performed her missionary work.

On the surface she seemed like a woman doing God's work, but only a little research reveals that she was also a part of some Vatican operations that could be interpreted as somewhat less than charitable. Truly, you will not picture Mother Teresa the same way after watching this video.