With Dark Nights: Metal, DC Has Introduced Us To The League Of Evil Batmen

The latest epic Batman-centric event to take DC Comics by storm is Dark Nights: Metal – created by legendary Bat-talents Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo – and it’s introduced fans to what some are calling the Evil League of Batmen (a concept that sounds terrifying without any context). The group – which includes names like The Red Death, The Murder Machine, The Dawnbreaker, and The Batman Who Laughs, along with other evil versions of Batman – has now invaded the DC Universe, and that’s not a good thing for its citizens. After all, the Dark Knight was already terrifying enough when he was just one, singular, justice-obsessed vigilante.

While Dark Nights: Metal is, at its core, a Batman story, it’s also a Justice League tale, and that’s reflected in the Evil League of Batmen. Each of the group’s members appears to be a dark reflection of Bruce Wayne combined with the abilities of some other DC Comics heroes and even the best Batman villains. This is definitely Batman as we’ve never seen him before, and the world of DC Comics may never be the same.