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Dark 'Peanuts' Fan Theories That Will Leave You Reeling (And In Need Of Lucy's Psychiatric Help)

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You're a good man, Charlie Brown - with a dark side. While many people have nostalgic memories of Peanuts, and still love the popular TV specials and films, the franchise created by Charles M. Schulz may not be as family-friendly or innocent as it seems. Some fans have come up with some truly dark theories about the cartoon group of kids. Charlie Brown, Linus, Sally, Lucy, even Snoopy - fans have studied them all and delved into their potentially darker inner lives.  

All these Peanuts fan theories make too much sense when you consider the melancholy and depression that pops up in series; in particular, anything related to the beleaguered Charlie Brown. You probably never suspected, however, that so many dark elements might be at play in the character's lives. The Peanuts gang could probably build up a pretty hefty mental health bill, even at just 5 cents per session.