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People Describe the Craziest Ways Pet Hamsters Died When They Were Kids

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Death comes for as all at some point, but despite the inevitability of the cold hand of fate, it’s never good when a family pet dies. No one’s happy to throw a Viking funeral for a hamster, especially a hamster that died because a 4 year old put make up on it or roasted it on the highway. Those are just some of the crazy pet hamster deaths we’ll look at on this list of horrifying true stories of hamster death, some of which are Shakespearean tragedies that befell pet hamsters, others of which seem like situations that could've been prevented if only the caretakers realized hamsters are animals that need to be fed, watered, and taken care of like a small baby that’s always on the brink of death.

All of these tragic pet rodent accidents will leave you dead inside. Even though a few of these hilarious hamster deaths might make you proud your gerbil or whatever you owned as a child made it to the ripe old age of three, you’re going to need to decompress after reading about pets rotting from the inside out, vicious owl attacks, and the like. As much as it makes sense to get kids a starter pet to teach them about death, it probably makes just as much sense to get them pets capable of fighting back, to teach consequences. 

Take a look at all of these adorable living hamsters if you’re bummed about the dead ones. But just to be clear, those hamsters are probably dead too. Put on a Cure record and check out these scandalous pet hamster deaths. Yes indeed, these are much sad, very rodent, wow so dead hamster stories. 

  • Full of Sound and Fury, Signifying Nothing

    After welcoming a new hamster family into her life, this Redditor brought her friends over to see the furry Rockwells, but things didn't turn out how she imagined.

    I brought home four friends to see all the babies and pick one each to take home. I opened my bedroom door to find all of the habitrails in disarray, their doors chewed open. I told my friends to get out of the room while I burst into tears looking at what at happened. The female had chewed out of her cage, into the babies' cage, and eaten all of the babies, leaving their tiny, mangled bodies all over the cage and my bedroom floor.

    Then she chewed into the male's cage, shredded him open, leaving tiny organs and bits of furry hide spread all over the cage. She was alive, but not moving- the vet said the nerve between her legs had been severed and she had to be euthanized.

  • Kiwi the Hamster, Eaten Alive by Her Cage Mate

    The "proud mom" of two Russian dwarves witnessed this harrowing scene straight out of The Hamster Dead:

    As I sat on my bed, I noticed one of them messing around busily with one of the toilet paper rolls I usually give them for play, so I popped the cage door open and moved the roll - there she was, my beloved Kiwi (the girl) not more than half of what she ever was, down to nearly nothing than bones. The male ate her.

    And not in the sexy way. 

  • Except That One Time: The Tragic Reality of Life's Fragility

    At least this Redditor is honest about their lack of parenting skills. "I forget his name, but he loved that ball dearly. We would have him roll everywhere in it and we were usually very careful about watching him. Except that one time when he fell to his death."

  • Double Homicide Because Rodents Get Hangry

    This Redditor learned the hard way you're supposed to feed your pets

    The first few nights they were sooo loud and unbearable. I woke up one morning to see a bloodbath in the cage. One of them ate the other. I tried to clean the cage before my parents found out, but the surviving gerbil ran out. I trapped him in the bathroom where he couldn't get out and slammed a bucket over him. But I missed and the bucket broke its neck. This was the night I learned pets need to be fed. 

    Once again, FEED YOUR PETS.