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15 Dark Pokemon Fan Theories That Actually Make A Lot Of Sense

June 2, 2021 2.5k votes 491 voters 44.5k views15 items

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The world of Pokemon is not only bizarre, but it's darker than most casual fans realize. From ominous Pokedex entries to the grisley side of the manga, there's more to these monsters than what meets the eye. Curious Pokemon fans are sharing the most disturbing and unsettling fan theories about Pokemon that are so on the nose, they just might be true. 

Ever wonder why Gengar and Clefable look like the same Pokemon, just inverse? Or what actually happened to the hero of Unova, Hilda? Take a look at some of the darkest Pokemon fan theories shared by gamers below, and vote up the most interesting!

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    Gengar Is Clefable's Shadow

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    Psychic Pokemon's Weaknesses Are Common Fears

    Photo: TV Tokyo

    From Redditor u/Cyberogue:

    All of Psychic's weaknesses are common fears. Never occurred to me until recently. Fear of ghosts, fear of the dark and fear of bugs are all common fears, and since psychic has to do with the mind, it would make sense why they're good against it.

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    The Legendary Horses Came From The Corpse Of A Galarian Rapidash

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    Bewear Were Crushing Cubones By Accident

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    From Redditor u/SparrowsCantSing:

    According to the pokedex we know that Marowak developed its fire/ghost typing to resist predators. (Alolan Marowak developed in response to its natural predators in order to resist them.)

    I've seen some speculation that predatory grass types made Marowak drop ground in favor for fire, but what about the ghost type? Well as we know ghost is immune to normal and fighting, which just so happens to be Bewear's typing.

    Bewear love to cuddle, despite their own strength, so what if Alola's resident carebears were merely trying to cheer-up the one Pokemon species that's in desperate need of a hug: Cubone. That's right, I think Bewear drove Cubone to become ghost types, by crushing the poor orphans to death with cuddles.

    I don't who to be sadder for, Cubone or Bewear.

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