Dark Scarlet Witch Fan Theories That Actually Make Sense

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The fate of The Scarlet Witch after Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is inconclusive. Considering she's one of the most powerful MCU characters (and one of the most popular), fans are holding out hope that Wanda comes back in a big way.

Fans are sharing particularly dark theories about Wanda's fate in the MCU. Take a look below and vote up the fan theories you can get behind.

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    Vision Doesn't Exist In Reed Richards' Universe

    Vision Doesn't Exist In Reed Richards' Universe
    Photo: Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness / Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

    From Redditor u/Blitzkreeg21:

    Upon watching the Doctor Strange sequel, I was initially confused as to why Wanda had no desire to contact Vision as she was dream walking in the Illuminati universe. I realized that Vision's existence in this universe was completely impossible, as Reed Richards was able to successfully create Ultron. 

    Since Ultron never turned evil, Vision doesn't exist. Also, the existence of Ultron as he was intended to be, coupled with just the general presence of Reed Richards, is probably why this universe feels incredibly advanced, despite probably taking place in the same rough time period as the main MCU (Thanos' conquest seems fairly recent in this universe).

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    The Illuminati Was Misinformed About Wanda's Strength

    The Illuminati Was Misinformed About Wanda's Strength
    Photo: Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness / Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

    From Redditor u/pleasedontbingme:

    If you’ve seen Multiverse of Madness you know exactly what I am referring to. In the scene where 616 Wanda is confronted by the 838 Illuminati, it has been generally laughed off how the “Smartest Man in the World” Reed Richards attacks Wanda with a limp stretch arm even after watching her seal Black Bolt’s mouth causing his death.

    We then see Richards shredded like string cheese.

    I pose that this wasn’t a dumb move but one more completely in character for Reed Richards. Richards isn’t attacking an unknown entity. At first when Strange pleads with the Illuminati to release him so he can help stop 616 Wanda, their response is of arrogance. I believe something to the effect of “We can handle your witch” was said.

    This was due to 838’s information on the multiverse already led by Dr. Palmer at Baxter. Although the multiverse is relatively new to us in the 616 MCU, my guess is 838 has years and mountains of data on other universes.

    Additionally, 838’s Wanda has some powers as we see her levitate back to the gate after 616 stops dreamwalking her, but I pose that because we see basically 0 defense of her children when 616 Wanda invades her home, that she knows she is massively outgunned power wise.

    My theory is that most other Wandas are never captured by Hydra and exposed to Loki’s spear. This is the event that charges up her abilities. Most Wandas are very low level mutants with limited powers.

    Richards knew all of this and acted abruptly and rashly to try to stop the fight quickly after seeing Black Bolt die. Richards’ problem wasn’t that he was acting dumb, it was that he had a bunch of information telling him Wanda was not powerful.

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    Wanda Is Dead, But She Will Have To Be Revived

    Wanda Is Dead, But She Will Have To Be Revived
    Photo: Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness / Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

    From Redditor u/dle2800:

    Wanda has died. She has destroyed the Darkhold across the Multiverse. Because of Wanda's destruction of the Darkhold there is nothing to bind the author, Chthon, to and he will soon emerge from wherever he's been trapped. Wanda's death also destroys the spell placed on Agatha at the end of WandaVision, allowing for House of Harkness to take place. Once Agatha wakes up, she understands Wanda has died because of her freedom from the spell. Because of her connection to dark magic, she also senses that Chthon will soon be unleashed. The only magic powerful enough to destroy Chthon is his own chaos magic possessed by the Scarlet Witch. Agatha then recruits an assortment of darker supernatural characters (Blade, Moon Knight, Black Knight, etc.) To retrieve the Scarlet Witch's soul from the Underworld to stop Chthon. Reviving her and forming the Midnight Sons.

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    The Darkhold Sent Agatha To Wanda

    The Darkhold Sent Agatha To Wanda
    Photo: WandaVision / Disney+

    From Redditor u/jbafofi4:

    I always found it strange how despite having the book for centuries, Agatha seems more sane and rational than Wanda. Agatha is evil but the spell book is really going hard on Wanda, corrupting her and making her a power hungry selfish beast.

    Then it hit me.

    The Darkhold likely did the same thing to Agatha. It sent Agatha to Wanda with the impression of “Hey, that mythical entity that is foretold to destroy the world? Yeah, no forget that. You can take her and take her powers for yourself, sis! Go into the hex!”

    Just like Wanda, Agatha was being influenced by the power of the book and being told things she wants to hear in order to fulfill what the book wants. Rationally, Agatha would know she could never defeat Wanda, or that Wanda being destined to be the scarlet witch will come to fruition, but Agatha wasn’t thinking rationally because of the book.

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    Wanda Will Be The One To Defeat Kang

    Wanda Will Be The One To Defeat Kang
    Photo: Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness / Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

    From Redditor u/TheMediocreCritic:

    If Marvel loves anything, it's a good redemption story. I believe that Wanda's current arc is leading to the ultimate redemption, but also the ultimate sacrifice.

    Wanda has gone through a lot. Loss is a defining trait of her character. Her parents brother, husband (a few times) and her children have all died. She is in a constant state of grief. I really feel for this character. Olsen plays it well too, the heart break is like a chain that wraps around her.

    Wanda's choices may have not been great, driven by pain and grief she imprisoned a town and dabbled in the dark arts. These actions hurt people and though the Darkhold may have twisted her, to many there is no coming back from the pain she inflicted. Though she had a moment of a change of heart in MoM, future projects will see her rise to save others.

    So I think that marvel will complete her character arc with a sacrifice. Its pretty common with a character that was lost and needs a big powerful redemption. I believe that her arc will end as she sacrifices herself to stop Kang. It would be a fantastic to end her story as an ultimate hero. The character has been through so much. She deserves a great redemption.

    TL;DR : Though apparently dead at the end of MoM, Wanda will return to be a flawed , but formidable opponent to Kang. This will ultimately lead to her sacrificing her life to save the Multiverse.

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    Reed Richards' Goal In 'Multiverse Of Madness' Wasn't To Kill Wanda

    From Redditor u/HansDanz:

    Why would Reed tell Wanda about Black Bolt’s mouth? We’ve all seen the memes and they make a good point. How could the “smartest man alive” make such a tactical error? Well, hear me out.

    To me, we’ve been looking at this scene from the wrong perspective. Reed’s goal was probably never to destroy Wanda. Why? Because of certain facts only the smartest man alive would consider. As shown in their conversation, Reed is aware that Wanda is using 838-Wanda’s body. Because he knows that 838-Wanda is still innocent, he might be trying to protect her while simultaneously taking care of 616-Wanda. That’s why he tried to give a warning rather than skip to the fatal blow.

    So if not to kill her, what was Reed’s plan? Possibly, he was trying to resolve things in a peaceful manner. This can be shown when he tries to empathize with Wanda by mentioning his own children. He knew exactly what her struggle was and tried his best to connect with it. In a way, this reveals his intelligence since he tried to find solutions beyond the obvious violent one.

    So, in conclusion, this theory actually proves that Reed’s method showed signs of intelligence rather than stupidity.

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