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People Confess The Darkest Secrets They Know About Someone Else

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Keeping secrets isn't easy, but these Redditors have been holding in some particularly dark ones for quite a while. When asked, people around the internet started revealing the darkest secrets they knew about other people that those people don't know they know.

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    She Committed A Horrible Act

    From Redditor u/scuby22:

    When I was a Teaching Assistant, my professor told me (over a few too many glasses of wine) that when she was 16, and learning to drive, she hit and [slayed] a homeless man.  The local cops showed up at the scene, and she confessed she hit him. After some internal discussions, the cops told her to go home and never speak of it. They said he was a "homeless drunk that probably wandered into the road and wouldn't be missed."  She's been having nightmares over that day for years since. 

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    His Grandfather Harmed A Mean Kid

    From a deleted Reddit user:

    My grandfather went out and [jabbed] my cousin's elementary school bully's dad to [expiration]. My cousin's [enemy] [picked on] him every day for years, and his parents knew and justified it by saying it was a good way for their boy to assert himself and that my cousin needed to grow some balls. Upon my grandfather finding out, especially when he learned they were white, he grabbed the biggest kitchen knife in the house and left. He came back several hours later with a bloody T-shirt and the knife missing. The next morning on the news, there was a story about a [slain] man found in an alleyway [pierced] multiple times. That man was the [jerk's] dad. My cousin was never [messed with] again. My grandfather was never caught.

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    His Dad May Have Been A Spy 

    From Redditor u/reallynotcool:

    When I was about eight or nine (this was in the late '80s), I was wanting to get back my Ghostbusters action figures that my dad had hidden in his closet as a punishment for attempting to [cover] my sleeping brother in the sandbox at school. I was digging around when I thought I saw them on the top shelf (which made sense) and climbed on the dresser and reached up for it and pulled it down. A shoebox filled with cash, about a dozen passports, maps, an instamatic camera, a pistol, and a silencer, and several photos of people spilled out over the floor. I wasn't thinking much, I hurriedly packed it all back in and placed it back in its spot.

    My dad obviously had to have noticed it was disturbed, but didn't say anything, and I was too frightened about getting my butt whooped for attempting to take back the toys and being in there. Years and years later, my dad [passed] of bronchial cancer and it wasn't until we were making [passing] arrangements when I found out he was a "state department liaison" and that we wouldn't need to pay for the funeral and the government would help out for expenses until we were 18. Apparently my mother thought he was a translator, but I'm not so sure. Deep dark secret? Yes, that my dad took with him to the grave.

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    Her Entire Childhood Was A Lie

    From Redditor u/toccoto:

    Since most are about [relations] (I do have [intimate] ones but meh, they've all basically been stated), here's something different:

    I knew a girl I was interested in dating that fabricated her entire childhood. Literally, from birth to about 11 years old was a complete lie. She claimed she was born outside of the country. She had pictures of her in another country (Ireland, completely faked), she faked an accent. She would stage fake phone calls with her grandparents.

    She wasn't aware that her parents were friends with a mutual friend of mine. I had met them before, and they mentioned her. They specifically mentioned her being baptized in a church in the area when she was born. So hearing that, I went to research. Yup.... the entire thing was fabricated.

    I never did anything out of fear of what it would do to her.

    We later had [relations], completely protected.

    She told my friends that I didn't use protection, took her by force, and she had to abort my child.

    Looking back, I should have seen that coming.