Secrets From Behind The Scenes Of 'Star Wars'

There are practically endless memorable moments that occurred during the making of Star Wars. It's the reason there are countless books detailing what happened behind the scenes of George Lucas's prized franchise. Even if you think you're totally familiar with all the cinematic gossip, there are tons of secrets from Star Wars that might surprise you, whether they're about the stars or Lucas himself. Here are a few secrets to keep in mind when you're rewatching these movies on Disney+.

No, we're not talking about Easter eggs or how certain scenes were shot. The list of fascinating moments from behind the scenes of Star Wars goes on and on; we've gathered up some of the best stories to blow your mind all the way to a galaxy far, far away. 

Photo: The Empire Strikes Back/20th Century Fox

  • The Classic Imperial Stormtrooper Armor Was Meant To Resemble A Skeleton

    The Classic Imperial Stormtrooper Armor Was Meant To Resemble A Skeleton
    Photo: Star Wars: A New Hope / 20th Century Fox

    Prior to the December 2019 release of The Rise of Skywalker, Lucasfilm partnered with Wired magazine to produce a 20-minute video explaining the intention behind every Stormtrooper armor design in Star Wars cinematic history. According to the video, the classic Imperial trooper armor was originally designed to resemble mechanical skeletons. The armor was so unique, only actors from 5 feet, 10 inches tall to 6 feet tall could fit in it. Sandtrooper armor, on the other hand, though similar to ordinary trooper's armor, was modified to suit their environment. This includes the backpack they wore, made from found materials at a local hardware store.

    The Imperial TIE fighter pilots' armor is unique because it was designed to allow the troopers to breath in space. And Imperial Walker pilots' armor is a crossover between the original trooper's and the TIE fighter pilot's armor, reconstructed to adapt to the new vehicle. 

    Each trooper's armor is designed specially for their circumstances, and made mostly from repurposed materials. 

  • Boba Fett Was Originally The Main Villain Of 'Return of the Jedi'

    As revealed by Craig Miller, a former public relations person for Lucasfilm, in an interview with Inverse, Boba Fett was originally meant to be the main antagonist of Return of the Jedi. First introduced in the Star Wars Holiday Special, Fett has become a huge fan favorite over the years despite the fact that the character only appears for about 20 minutes in the entire Original Trilogy and barely utters a word. 

    Miller revealed that Lucas had much bigger plans for Fett and his role in Star Wars, which was originally going to be a much longer series of films. What became Return of the Jedi was at first a movie about Han's rescue after being taken prisoner at the end of The Empire Strikes Back

    Lucas soon realized that he was being overly ambitious with his plans for a much bigger series of films and decided to wrap things up in Return of the Jedi and send Fett into the sarlacc pit. 

  • David Prowse Leaked The Big Twist In 'The Empire Strikes Back'

    David Prowse, the actor inside the Darth Vader suit during the original trilogy, has had a tumultuous relationship with George Lucas over the years. In fact, Prowse has been banned from appearing at any official Star Wars conventions and fan gatherings. The reason is simple: Prowse was known to leak plot details to eager fans.

    Lucas's distrust of Prowse started all the way back in the days before filming began on The Empire Strikes Back. At an autograph session, Prowse hyped up the crowd waiting to meet him with a single sentence about the upcoming Star Wars movies that will give you goosebumps with its spoilerific goodnesss: "Father can't kill son, son can't kill father."

    Yes, Prowse leaked the fact that Vader was Luke's father WAY before we ever saw the reveal on screen. After that, crew and cast was instructed not to divulge any details about The Empire Strikes Back or Return of the Jedi for fear of more leaks.

  • Carrie Fisher And Harrison Ford Hooked Up

    The late Carrie Fisher created a whirlwind in 2016 with the release of her final memoir, The Princess Diarist, which revealed that she had an affair with a married Harrison Ford during the filming of Star Wars. The affair lasted three months, and Fisher describes in detail her insecurities about an emotionally distant and withholding Ford, whom she hoped would leave his wife for her.

  • Someone Leaked Major Plot Details About 'Return of the Jedi'

    Leaks have always been an issue when it comes to Star Wars, but they impacted certain actors more than others. Growing distrust in David Prowse led to him being isolated from basically every major plot detail, an easy task since he was provided fake dialogue during his scenes that would later be dubbed over with James Earl Jones's intimidating voice. But still, someone leaked major plot details about Return of the Jedi, specifically that Vader would die at the end of the film while saving Luke from the Emperor.

    Lucas, director Richard Marquand, and everyone else at Lucasfilm suspected Prowse, which led to the further deterioration of the actor's relationship with the franchise. 

    "There was one particular actor who gave an interview to the English press about the movie's plot, which extremely upset us," Marquand said in a 1983 interview with Starlog. "But we knew that the actor was a security risk and had actually not given him the correct lines of dialogue. He fell completely into the trap."

    Prowse wasn't mentioned by name in the interview, but it has been implied over the years that he was once again the leaker, even though he wasn't given a full script.

  • Kenny Baker And Anthony Daniels Didn't Get Along

    Anthony Daniels and Kenny Baker's respective bickering as C-3PO and R2-D2 didn't require much acting - the actors didn't get along in real life. According to CBR, Daniels did most of the antagonizing during the filming of the original Star Wars. Daniels reportedly referred to Baker as a "little man" during production and didn't like to mix with the rest of the cast, especially his droid counterpart.