Dark Tales From Behind The Scenes Of 'Gone with the Wind'

It may have a memorable score, gorgeous costumes, and quite possibly the best use of the word "damn" ever, but true Gone with the Wind stories also include quite a few sordid tales. Dark old Hollywood history lurks behind many classic movies, including some of the best reviewed films of all time, but Gone with the Wind may have some of the most brutal. With all of the behind the scenes drama, it's a miracle the film premiered in 1939 at all.

Based on the novel by Margaret Mitchell, the sweeping Civil War epic was beset with race issues that were a problem then and haven't improved with time. There were several complete rewrites of the script, not to mention massive turnover both on- and off-camera. There were long casting delays, actors who didn't want any part of the film, and a director who was fired. You might adore this four-hour, multiple-Oscar-winning ode to the South, but you'll never see it quite the same way again after you've heard these dark Gone with the Wind stories.