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Dark 'Big Bang Theory' Fan Theories That Will Mess With Your Head

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Weird TV fan theories can be extremely entertaining - maybe Saved by the Bell is Zack Morris's dream, or That '70s Show is a sequel to Happy Days. While some of these theories are fun, others are seriously dark, such as these Big Bang Theory fan theories. While not all are terrifying, most are at least peculiar. Some of these theories try to explain Big Bang Theory characters, such as why Raj seems to have selective mutism or why Bernadette's character grew angrier with each passing season.

Whatever the theory - and based on how messed up some of these hypotheses are - there must be a lot of fans out there who think The Big Bang Theory is super creepy. Here are some of the weirdest and darkest fan theories about the hit show.

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    Bernadette Is A Cyborg Created By Howard

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    Jim Parsons, who plays Sheldon, responded to a few of these fan theories in 2017, one of which claims that Bernadette is a cyborg created by Howard. The theory is based on three assertions: Howard is a world-class engineer, Bernadette shares many traits with Howard's mother, and "normal" women don't like Howard.

    The third note is perhaps the theory's strongest piece of evidence. In response, Parsons asked a thought-provoking question: "Don't we all build our own romantic cyborg?"

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    Sheldon Demonstrates Sociopathic Behavior

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    Redditor /u/Sarahmint's theory makes the troubling claim that Sheldon is a sociopath based on his behavior: "Sheldon is highly intelligent, very selfish, and understands human interaction to the point of being highly manipulative while remaining uninterested in people who cannot be useful to him in some way."

    They continue: "He used his gf as a human shield and talks about Queen Bees to his female friend while lying that it has nothing to do with her social life, when it clearly does."

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    The Show Is Secretly Leading Up To The Apocalypse

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    Apparently, Leonard, Sheldon, Raj, and Howard are the four scientists who will inevitably bring about the end of the universe through a combination of genius, hubris, and carelessness. This fan theory states that these four characters are the Teslas and Einsteins of their generation. They're allegedly even more ingenious than said scientists, because their advanced knowledge is coupled with the advanced technology of the 21st century.

    The theory also contends that they're millennials, and millennials - according to the theorist - are terrible. They're selfish and hedonistic, and the most brilliant of the millennial generation are destined to destroy the universe. The show's theme song is another clue - it tracks the history of the universe all the way up to the main characters, where it abruptly ends.

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    Everyone Is Either In A Coma Or In Limbo

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    Redditor /u/Theluckygal thinks the only explanation for the apartment building's eternally broken elevator is that the entire show either takes place in a state of limbo or a comatose person's imagination. This Redditor believes the "big bang" was the elevator breaking, and the event caused serious harm to one or all of the main characters, potentially putting them into comas.

    They believe the characters will not be able to escape this dream state until they resolve their personal psychological issues: Raj's inability to speak to women, Howard's unhealthy relationship with his mother, Sheldon's apparent social incompetence, and Leonard's relationship issues.

    The theorist also proposes the alternate claim that the elevator accident may have opened up a new dimension or reality in which the characters are stuck in a state of limbo.

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