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Weird TV fan theories can be a lot of fun. Such theories run the gamut of fans' imaginations, whether it's the notion that Saved by the Bell is Zack Morris's dream, or That '70s Show is a sequel to Happy Days, or that Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory is in an insane asylum because he murdered his father and his mistressYes, that's an actual theory. While some fan ideas out there are fun, there are some seriously dark The Big Bang Theory fan theories. To be fair, not all are that terrifying, but most of them are at least that peculiar. 

And there are theories that include all of the Big Bang characters. Some try to explain the source of Raj's selective mutism; others try to explain why Bernadette's character grew angrier with each passing season, and some think Penny is not all she seems.

Whatever the theory, and based on how messed up some of these hypotheses are, there must be a lot of fans out there who think The Big Bang Theory is creepy AF. Here are some of the weirder fan theories. But warning, they may just ruin the show for you.

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Sheldon Is In An Insane Asylum And The Show Only Takes Place In His Head

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In a pretty severe case of burying the lead, thetheoryguys starts their theory saying Sheldon is in an insane asylum. They later offhandedly remark Sheldon is in the asylum for killing his father and his mistress. There isn't much in the way of explanation around that part of the theory, but at any rate Sheldon and Leonard are both in this asylum in Los Angeles. Leonard is there after being lobotomized by the government for giving up secrets to North Korea. The other characters from the show are also in the asylum for miscellaneous reasons.

Penny is a failed actress who turned to drugs and prostitution before ultimately winding up in the institute as well. In a Harley Quinn-type scenario, Amy is a neurologist who is obsessed with Sheldon and studies his brain. Raj is a doctor at the asylum who was pushed into psychiatry by his parents instead of astrophysics. Howard is the asylum's "caretaker" who occasionally engages in sexual activities with Raj because he's a sex addict who cannot seduce women. This is one of those theories that makes some real leaps, even for a fan theory.

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Bernadette Is A Cyborg Created By Howard

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Jim Parsons responded to a few fan theories, one of which is that Bernadette is a cyborg created by Howard based on these three assertions:

1) Howard is a world class engineer.

2) She has similar traits to his mother.

3) Normal women don't like Howard.

The third note is definitely the strongest piece of evidence to support the theory. Parsons asks a thought provoking question in response, "Don't we all build our own romantic cyborg?" Don't we indeed.

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Sheldon Is A Sociopath

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Sarahmint's theory that Sheldon is a sociopath is short but sweet:

"I'm new to this already long running tv show, but from the little I've seen, Sheldon is highly intelligent, very selfish, and understands human interaction to the point of being highly manipulative while remaining uninterested in people who cannot be useful to him in some way.

He used his gf as a human shield and talks about Queen Bees to his female friend while lying that it has nothing to do with her social life when it clearly does."

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Penny Is A Spy

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Redditor numbertheory argues that Penny is a spy, citing a number of things about her life that don't quite add up. First of all, Penny wants to maintain the cover of "struggling actress" which is why she never makes a real, concerted effort to further her acting career. Further proof she is a funded spy is that she's not really struggling financially and is able to afford a nice apartment in Pasadena with supposedly only a waitressing job for income. This Redditor also argues Penny is technologically adept, proven by the fact that she's able to steal Leonard and Sheldon's Wifi, and subsequently using a gaming addiction as cover to spy on Sheldon remotely. 

Then there's her lack of personal relationships. Before her nerd neighbors moved in she ostensibly didn't have many friends. The theory argues her previous romantic entanglements were only ones she engaged in to lure Leonard. Her lack of real connections, both friends and roommates - which she should need for financial reasons - is further proof of her secret identity. 

But the real question is why would she spy on them? This theorist believes the elevator explosion that happened alerted authorities to two potentially dangerous scientists living in Pasadena. These scientists let missile secrets slip to a North Korean spy so an American agent was sent in to monitor the situation, one codenamed "Penny."

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