People Confess Their Darkest Workplace Secrets

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Every office has dark secrets and a few skeletons hiding in the closet, but some secrets are more intense than others. These Redditors revealed the darkest secrets their workplace or former workplace has been hiding for years... and some of them are pretty bleak.

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    Fake Deal

    From Redditor u/DreadlockedWhale:

    Not me, but my dental assistant teacher once had to cover for a new dentist. He pulled the wrong tooth on a patient, and she told the patient that they missed some decay on the tooth next to it, and since they missed it, it was free.

    So they pulled two teeth, and the guy thinks he got a deal.

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    Layoffs On The Horizon

    From Redditor u/SkySeaSkySeaaaa:

    Most of the staff is being laid off in three months. The company has already started hiring their replacements in India. They'll be told a week before Christmas at the rate management is going getting their sh*t together.

    I wish I didn't know. I hate keeping secrets and I just want to scream, "Abandon ship!" at them all.

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    Turned Away

    From Redditor u/LeahBia:

    Interned for a non-profit, and they would intentionally turn clients away who needed help feeding their children if someone had a birthday coming up, so they could use the money to go out and party and claim it as a company expense or petty cash.

    (I reported the agency long ago when I found out. I reported them to their president and also the state with my name and time of internship. I do not know what ever came of it, because the agency is still running. For those who asked, the agency helps with food for needy families, clothing, and also bill payment for those who qualify.)

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    All Around Sketchy

    From a Redditor:

    I used to work at a weld shop that made a lot of stuff for military contracts. Shortcuts were taken at every opportunity, which compromised the product. Welds that were supposed to be checked by a certified weld inspector (CWI) were not. Documents were faked. Lots of things went out that door to our military and other government organizations that should not have. On top of all that, there were little to no safety precautions taken there.

    The owner himself tried to come out into the shop and tell me to weld on a 16-ton frame while it was suspended in the air by a crane with a 10-ton capacity. He wanted me to stand under it and make the welds on the bottom of it. That's just one of many, many dangerous situations he tried to put me in.

    One day, he told me to do something, and I didn't know any better. Then, an older welder came by and told me to stop because it could kill me. A few seconds after I walked away, a piece of hydraulic equipment I was working with failed and went flying right past where I was previously sitting. I would have died if that old timer hadn't told me to stop.

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    Co-Ed Roommates

    From Redditor u/Kaskar:

    [At] a place I used to work at some 10 years ago, we went on a company trip to a ski resort. We were all supposed to share rooms. I got paired up with a dude in my team, but I noticed a lot of my older co-workers got co-ed rooms. I asked one of the girls that had helped out to arrange the trip how come some were splitting rooms boy/girl.

    Turned out, a lot of people were lovers, and whenever there were company trips, they shared rooms and basically spent the whole trip f**king each other. And the company helped them out when arranging the trips so they got paired up in the same room.

    When the trip was over, they all went back to their husbands and wives.

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    Spill Recovery

    From Redditor u/WhiskerFace:

    I work in the hazmat industry. Mainly spill recovery. If you work in that industry, you need to look at your companies environmental policies. The company I work for works pretty closely with the EPA and our state environmental management agency, so we do a lot of jobs where other companies screwed up.

    Lead contamination is stupid high in so many places.

    I've seen visible mercury literally swept under a rug so that companies don't have to pay for remediation. This will get on you, track throughout, and it will stay on your clothes or shoes for so long.

    Acid spills where the company wants to save some money, so they wash it off into public fresh water sewers.

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