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Artist Amrit Brar Created Super Dark And Twisted Horoscopes For Each Zodiac Sign

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Showing off your astrological sign has become all the rage. You can buy shirts featuring your sign, wear jewelry with cute zodiac art and there's even a new trend of applying makeup showing off your sign.

Let's face it, even if you're not a believer, everyone loves checking out their horoscopes, but have you ever heard of dark horoscope predictions? Amrit Brar, a Toronto based illustrator, does just that. Brar created a zine series with what she calls "Sh*tty Horoscopes," which satirizes regular horoscopes with dark and funny predictions. Brar includes beautiful black and white art for each zodiac sign to go along with her horoscopes. There are several different variations of horoscope art created by Amrit Brar, each featuring her unique art and morbidly fun horoscopes.

Now, October is a rather special month in astrology because it's when we enter Scorpio season, which is undeniably the ~spookiest~ time of the year. Scorpio rules all the intensities of life - sex, death, inheritance - but it's also all about what's hidden, including spirits, the occult, other worlds, and even the afterlife. The sun will enter Scorpio on October 23rd, 2017, just in time for approaching Halloween, illuminating the time of year when the veil between our world and that of the spirits is at its most transparent.

This year is extra special because not only will the sun and communication planet be swimming through the murky depths of Scorpio, but the biggest planet in the sky, Jupiter, will also enter Scorpio on October 10th. Jupiter only changes signs once a year so you can bet all this Scorpio energy is going to make for an extra dark and supernatural year ahead. Even if you don't have any personal planets in Scorpio you'll still feel this powerful energy around you. But don't be scared - instead you should embrace the darkness and shadows Scorpio brings with it. Dive in, dive in deep.

Below you will find some of Brar's horoscope art and Sh*tty Horoscopes, along with October forecasts to help you embrace all the brooding intensity of Scorpio season. 

  • Photo: Amrit Brar

    This month is all about bonding with family and creating memories at home. On the 10th bountiful Jupiter enters your 4th House of home and family and will hang out there for the next 13 months, so don't be surprised if you suddenly become a major nester. If you’re not really feeling going out then consider starting a tradition with a movie and dinner night, inviting old friends and potential new friends. You might also want to be alone more often, something your sign tends to avoid, but be open to this private time; your spirit is seeking solace for a reason.


    This same part of your chart also rules your emotions, Leo, so it’s entirely possible that you’ll be feeling everything a lot stronger than usual. With Jupiter decamping here for an extended visit the way you emotionally process things could go through some major transformations. Scorpio isn’t one to skim the surface, so be ready to really dive in and plumb the depths of everything you’re feeling. Mothers and our relationships with them are also governed by this sector, so expect your relationship with some important women to become a huge focus over the next few months.

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  • Photo: Amrit Brar

    It’s possible you’ve started to feel a lack of resonance with the people you surround yourself with on a daily basis. If you've found yourself outgrowing your friends or just simply having the desire to meet new people, know that a new social circle is in your future. Expansive Jupiter enters Scorpio and your 3rd House of local communities, communications, and friendship on the 10th and will stay there for the next 13 months. Scorpio doesn’t suffer fools so if you are becoming repeatedly irked with the same people you’ll have no trouble dropping them like a hot coal – just try not to be too cutthroat about it.


    This area of your chart rules your general communications, and with all this Scorpio energy at hand it’s possible you might be leaning a little to heavy into manipulation tactics. Yes, Virgo, you’re incredibly observant and good at knowing what makes people tick, but it’s easy to abuse that knowledge to your advantage. Instead, how about exploring the depths in others and seeing what you can find there? Quality over quantity any day.

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  • Photo: Amrit Brar

    Just what exactly belongs to you, Libra? This month you’ll begin to focus on issues of yours versus mine, and for your equality-based sign it might be a more difficult topic to explore than you initially realized. On the 10th expansive Jupiter enters Scorpio and your 2nd House of finances and possessions for a staggering 13 months. While this transit can boost your earning potential it will also be incorporating a lot of Scorpio’s possessive and intense energy, so this won’t be a breezy climb up the ladder.

    Scorpio seeks to assert itself with power moves, and since it’ll be operating in your materialistic section, make sure you aren’t buying just to establish yourself as an arbiter of taste. You have a natural flair and style, Libra; you don’t need to use it as a way to remind other people how little they have.

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  • Scorpio

    Photo: Amrit Brar

    You’re one of the few with a more lighthearted forecast this month, Scorpio, so be thankful for that. This month is all about discovery for you. Focus on yourself, and the dreams you’ve had to put on hold. The world is about to open up to you and you’re going to finally be able to exert all that incredible power you have at your disposal.

    Don't be surprised if you suddenly also have a newfound confidence. Jupiter, planet of expansion and luck, enters your sign on the 10th for a 13-month stay; it hasn't been here in almost 12 years so buckle in for a world full of optimism and new experiences! You will face your fears head on and not let any obstacles get in your way in October. Your new level of confidence will improve your life tremendously, and you'll find yourself happier than you even knew you were capable of being. The biggest concern is to not be too confident; Scorpio’s are so incredibly capable that it’s easy to look at others and find them nearly insignificant in comparison, but know that that kind of thinking isn’t going to serve you in the long run.


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