Surprisingly Grim MCU Moments That Came Out Of Nowhere

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The MCU is best known for its bright colors and fast quips, but the darkest MCU moments rival the darkness of just about any other PG-13 film out there. Something about the levity of the Avengers and Guardians makes the grim moments that much harder to handle. Seeing these characters at their best, happy with their friends and family, makes it hurt so much more to watch it all get ripped away from them. 

Marvel heroes' films can sort of feel like emotional whiplash. One moment, Peter Quill is watching his mom perish from cancer, and the very next, he's dancing and singing into a space rat's face. Or, for example, when Civil War goes from Spider-Man talking too much during a fight to a blast of friendly fire paralyzing Rhodey. For all of the light in the MCU, there sure is a lot of dark. You have to remember: This is a franchise where half the universe was wiped out.