15 Darth Vader Fan Theories That Actually Make A Lot Of Sense

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Vote up the speculation so plausible it makes you see the Dark Lord of the Sith formerly known as Anakin Skywalker in an entirely new light.

One of the best things about the Internet is that anyone can put out a theory about anything, just like these Darth Vader fan theories. While most of the time this results in some sort of crackpot diatribe nobody can understand other than the person who posts something on sites like Reddit, there are occasions where a theory about something in popular culture actually makes a good amount of sense.

Theories like the narrator at the beginning of Aladdin being the Genie in disguise were floated around the Internet for years before Disney finally confirmed it to be true. The theories out there that haven't been confirmed are many, but that doesn't mean they don't have some element of probability in them.

Theories about Darth Vader have been around long before the Internet was invented, and people are still trying to come up with ways to explain the complexities of the Dark Lord of the Sith.

Of all the fan theories about Darth Vader found online, these 15 are the ones that may, in fact, contain a nugget of truth, so find the one you consider to be the most plausible and give it a vote up to see which one rises to the top!

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    Why Darth Vader Reacted The Way He Did At Obi-wan Disappearing Into A Robe

    Source: Redditor u/mybustersword

    Details: In one of the most important scenes from the original Star Wars, Vader kills Obi-Wan by slicing through him with his lightsaber. When the old Jedi dies, he vanishes, leaving behind his robe and lightsaber, which pushes Vader to feel around with the clothes using his boot.

    It's a curious thing for the Sith Lord to do, and the audience had to wonder why he was so shocked that killing a Jedi resulted in such a transformation.

    He must have been aware of the possibility of becoming one with the Force, but he had always considered it a myth. This is the first time Anakin has ever seen such a thing happen, and it confused and surprised him. It goes back to what Palpatine told him before he embraced the Dark Side, where he told him that eternal life was possible through the Force. This turns out to be a significant turning point for Vader, and from this point forward, his actions were driven from this moment, which ultimately led him back to the Light Side of the Force.


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    Darth Vader Taunted Luke To Trigger Feelings He Could Zero In On

    Source: Redditor u/wtFM100

    Details: When Luke and Vader get to fighting in front of the Emperor in his throne room aboard the Death Star, Vader taunts Luke. He says things he knows will get a rise out of his son, and he does this for the simple reason of being able to sense his location.

    He isn't able to read Luke's thoughts, but he can read his emotions, as they are more closely tied to one's connection with the Force. He says things like, "Your thoughts betray them too. Especially for... sister." When Luke hears this, he immediately becomes enraged, which tells Vader exactly where he was. Luke ran out of hiding, and Vader knew where he was, which made it possible for him to block his attacks (at first).

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    Darth Vader Stopped The Stormtroopers From Shooting C-3P0, Not Chewbacca

    Source: Redditor u/mybustersword

    Details: In The Empire Strikes Back, right before Han is going to be frozen in Carbonite, Chewbacca goes comepletely ape, and throws off three Stormtroopers, so he could aim his weapon at Darth Vader. Just before he can make the shot, Vader lowers a nearby Trooper's arm to keep him from shooting Chewie -- at least, that's what it looks like.

    This theory says that he wasn't stopping the Stormtrooper from shooting Chewie so much as he was making sure C-3PO wouldn't be hit accidentally. At the time, Chewie was carrying a dismantled, but still active C-3PO on his back, and the memory of building the robot during his childhood caused Vader to protect him.

    It's an interesting theory, and certainly a plausible one, as Vader showed no interest in saving the lives of anyone who opposed him. He froze Han to test the Carbonite freezing process, and he had no connection to the Wookie. There really wasn't any reason to stay the Stormtrooper's hand other than to save 3PO from certain destruction. 

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    The Reason Darth Vader Seems So Uncharacteristically Angry At The Beginning Of A New Hope

    Source: Redditor u/stormtrooper1701

    Details: Typically, when you see Darth Vader on screen, he's a cool and collected person. He rarely raises his voice, and he lets his visage and indomitable will induce fear into the people around him. That wasn't the case when he first showed up onboard the Tantavie IV, and there may be a reason for it.

    After Rogue One came out, the reason for his anger became perfectly clear. He had just chased the Death Star plans to that very vessel, so he knew with 100% certainty that it wasn't simply a "consular ship on a diplomatic mission." He was p*ssed that they tried to lie about something that had happened, not 10 minutes before we first see him on the ship.

    It makes perfect sense that he wouldn't be willing to put up with any of the crap they tried to sell him. That includes both the captain and Princess Leia, who was absolutely a traitor and a spy... from Darth Vader's point of view.