We Shared A Meme And Accidentally Started A Massive Voldemort Vs Darth Vader Debate

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We recently posted a meme that read, “Darth Vader ruled an entire galaxy, Voldemort couldn’t even take over a high school” on our Facebook page. Within a day, we had thousands of comments with people arguing their point of view on who would win between Darth Vader and Voldemort. We round up some of our favorite responses for your enjoyment. Vote up the posts you agree with the most. 

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    Vader Actually Had Bite

    Luis M.:

    People are really going with “Palpatine ruled, not Vader” as their argument?
    Vader, was one of the best generals the Republic had, an amazing pilot and soldier who won them many victories. Fast forward to the Imperial era and he was still feared throughout the galaxy. Kicking a55 anywhere he went. Dude could even block blasters with his bare hand (and the Force). He may not have ruled from the throne but he was the enforcer, the Iron Fist of the Empire.
    Voldemort barely even did anything, he got to where he was because he used forbidden curses on people who didn’t dare use them themselves. But despite having an entire army he was still easily beaten by a teenager who hadn’t even finished high school.
    Come on guys, Voldemort was all bark, Vader actually had bite.

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    Darth Vader's First Day As A Bad Guy Was Brutal

    Posted by George V:

    Vader literally murdered a temple worth of Jedi including younglings on his first day as a bad guy, I’m sorry but team Voldemort ain’t winning this one 

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    Voldemort Wouldn’t Stand A Chance Against The Force

    Posted by Andrew J.:

    Pretty sure Darth Vader would force flick Voldemort’s wand out of his hand before he utters, ‘av’.
    Meanwhile, Darth would be force choking the death eaters, while manipulating Voldemort’s mind with the force.
    The dementors I’m not sure about, but because Vader was mostly machine, I’m pretty sure what soul was left was so evil that they’d probably bow to him.
    Not to mention if it came down to it I’m pretty sure Vader would’ve flexed and blown earth to bits with the Death Star anyway.
    Evil curse can’t save you when you have no earth left.
    But we’ll never know because Palpatine used force lightning so bad that it short-circuited everything.

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    Vader Destroyed Almost All That Opposed Him And Grew To Be Unchallenged

    Posted By Mark C.:

    Voldemort’s opposition was greater though. Darth Vader as Anakin destroyed almost all that opposed him and then grew to be unchallenged. Voldemort didn’t have the power that Vader did and the fact that Hogwarts had some of the most gifted and talented wizards on the planet. Dumbledore had spent his entire life studying magic and the science of it all. He even remembers Voldemort when he was a child at the academy while Dumbledore was a teacher even then. It is sort of silly to say “who was more evil”. Vader destroyed and conquered entire planets and hurt most of the known galaxy. I’d say that reached further than one area of the planet, considering that the world where wizards live is unknown by the rest of the world. The world that Harry grew up in is relatively oblivious to the magic world.

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    Darth Vader Ruled With Unlimited Power

    From Mark V.

    Sauron and Voldemort both had limitations to their power…Sauron was his ring, Voldemort was Harry Potter, and Darth Vader ruled with unlimited power until he noticed he had been lied to all those years by the Emperor and then he basically killed him. Voldemort had to rely on others to regain his life. Sauron also had to rely on others to try and get his ring back to regain full power. Darth Vader relied on nothing but the force for his power and basically enslaved an entire Galaxy by using Fear as his weapon.

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    Voldemort Could Have Been Taken Down With Muggle Weapons

    Posted By Eric T.:

    You know Old Baldy Valdy never worried me. We are talking about a dude who could literally be completely blown away in an instant by muggle weapons. Vader can just be like meh I don’t feel like being shot so how about no. Valdy was powerful but I will never not laugh at him and his crappy plans. That’s the issue with Harry Potter. A world is made where magic is hidden from the world for the most part but the magic users look down on regular people. You have this threat but never established that he is actually a threat that a bullet couldn’t stop. I get it's a teens book series by the way lol

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