Graveyard Shift Dash Cam Captures Dramatic Truck Crash  

Rebecca High

A dash cam in Chiang Mai, Thailand, inadvertently captured a dramatic truck crash and the footage is horrifically spellbinding.

As the dash cam's vehicle waits at an intersection with other vehicles (including motorbikes), a massive delivery truck careens into the intersection from out of the camera's frame, tipping over as it knocks a street lamp over onto the vehicles in its path.

Screams are heard, and as the dust settles, some of the shocked bystanders belatedly sprint away from the scene.

The six-wheeled rig was reportedly traveling more than 60 mph, but thankfully no one was killed. The driver was taken to the hospital for serious injuries, and a moped driver sustained minor injuries as well. But if the shocking footage from the moment of the accident is any indication, the damage could have been far worse.