18 Insane Dashcam Videos Of People Who Should've Died Yet Somehow Survived

Close car accidents are always terrifying and usually pretty unforgettable. And for drivers who use dashcams, near misses are often recorded and preserved for the world's viewing pleasure. In the below videos, drivers barely steer away from an accident or just avoid striking a wayward pedestrian. If things had played out even slightly differently, many people in these extreme dashcam videos may not have survived and would have died a very painful death

These close car accidents on camera will probably make you more aware when you're out on the road. And while you can't look away at some of these videos, you definitely never want to be in this situation yourself. Accidents caught on dashcams remind everyone to drive safe and watch out for reckless drivers. Watching these crazy car accidents caught on camera will inspire you to buckle up next time you're in a car. 

  • Motorcycle Compilation Shows How Dangerous It Is To Be A Biker On The Road

    Motorcycle Compilation Shows How Dangerous It Is To Be A Biker On The Road
    Video: YouTube

    Riding a motorcycle can be very dangerous. While the bikes are fun to ride, they're not very insolated and drivers can miss them as they're traveling down the road. A lot of bikers wear cameras on their bodies to capture the exploits of their rides.

    In these videos, you see (most Brazilian) motorcyclist experiencing some truly close calls. 

  • Police Officer Nearly Struck By Oncoming Car

    Police Officer Nearly Struck By Oncoming Car
    Video: YouTube

    A police officer stopped to help a couple change a tire. This friendly act almost had fatal results when a truck going 50 miles-per-hour crashed into the police officer’s car. It came within inches of the officer before coming to a stop five feet before the couple.

    As the news story tells us, there is virtually no chance of surviving being struck by a car going over 20 mph. Officer Hillary Lundberg narrowly escaped meeting her maker while doing a favor for fellow citizens. That couple owes her a major thank you for that one. 

  • Man Carrying A Jug Almost Loses It All When He Wanders In The Street

    Man Carrying A Jug Almost Loses It All When He Wanders In The Street
    Video: YouTube

    A motorcyclist was going down the road when a man carrying a giant water jug decided to jaywalk. According to the biker's YouTube post, he only slowed down because he saw the rickshaw in front of him break.

    Had the rickshaw not been there, he would've hit the throttle, hitting the man and possibly killing them both. 

  • Runaway SUV Almost Hits Cop

    Runaway SUV Almost Hits Cop
    Video: YouTube

    As a Utah Highway Patrol trooper was giving a ticket to another driver, an SUV came barreling past and lost control. The vehicle almost hit the trooper and the parked car, and in an attempt to miss them, peeled off into the ditch.

    When it left the road, it did a few barrel rolls before coming to a stop.