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18 Insane Dashcam Videos Of People Who Should've Died Yet Somehow Survived

Updated 20 Sep 2018 20.3k views18 items

Close car accidents are always terrifying and usually pretty unforgettable. And for drivers who use dashcams, near misses are often recorded and preserved for the world's viewing pleasure. In the below videos, drivers barely steer away from an accident or just avoid striking a wayward pedestrian. If things had played out even slightly differently, many people in these extreme dashcam videos may not have survived and would have died a very painful death

These close car accidents on camera will probably make you more aware when you're out on the road. And while you can't look away at some of these videos, you definitely never want to be in this situation yourself. Accidents caught on dashcams remind everyone to drive safe and watch out for reckless drivers. Watching these crazy car accidents caught on camera will inspire you to buckle up next time you're in a car. 

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