The 50 Most Amazing Incidents Caught on Dashcam

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A car crash is a terrifying experience that almost everyone has the potential to experience. A simple drive across town can go bad in one split second when someone stops looking at the road. Through the modern technology of dashcams and mounted GoPro cameras, we can now experience the visceral terror of a car crash from the point of a view of the car itself. 

Some of these are close calls that you can't believe, and others are horrifying crashes that are so crazy you can't look away. Even in a short gif, the thrill and fear of the crash is all there, and you can almost imagine the sounds of crunching glass and metal as you watch them. Whether it's an icy road, a speeding driver or a badly-timed text message, these crashes and close-calls will make you gasp, and sometimes even laugh. These are some of the funniest, scariest, and craziest roadcam gifs the Internet has to offer. Vote for your favorite crazy dashcam gif.

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    Red Light Truck


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    Trucker Tries to Jump Highway


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    Luckiest Guy Ever


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    So Lucky


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    Well That Was Unexpected


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    Perfect Dodge


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