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10 Intense Road Rage Incidents Caught On Dashcams

Something about being behind the wheel sparks extreme emotions in drivers. Maybe it's the concept of "right of way" that makes them positive they're driving perfectly, or maybe it's the sheer power offered by cars that causes road rage. Whatever inspires the worst road rage, dashcams have caught plenty of examples of real-life meltdowns on the pavement.

Incidents of road rage caught on camera aren't limited to just cars. Dashcam videos of road rage show cyclists, motorcycle riders, and even motorized scooter drivers throwing fits on the streets. These incidents of road rage on film almost all end poorly, proving that a little patience can go a long way during transit - even if the results aren't quite as entertaining.

  • A Motorcyclist Swerves Into Oncoming Traffic To Avoid An Irate Driver

    Video: YouTube

    A video uploaded on April 4, 2016 showed two guys in Florida locked in a vicious argument on the road. The full video showed the motorcyclist sitting between two cars at a stop light, and then taking off after swerving towards the red car. The driver of the red Ford Fusion followed him to continue to berate him about his driving skills. The motorcyclist ended up swerving into oncoming traffic to get out of the car's way.

    Both men were arrested and charged with reckless driving.

  • A Russian Bus Driver Turns Road Rage Into Vigilante Justice

    Video: YouTube

    Alexei Volkov, a Moscow bus driver, is known as "The Punisher" for his unusual take on vigilante justice. He intentionally runs into motorists who cut him off, presumably to teach them a lesson about safe driving. Volkov has reportedly caused more than 100 accidents, many of which are capture on video thanks to a dashcam.

  • Tailgating Leads To A Flipped Car

    Video: YouTube

    Everyone has probably been irritated by a slow driver at some point. But for one St. Louis driver, that irritation went too far. On March 15, 2017, the driver of a silver sedan was stuck behind a slower yellow coupe on the freeway. After passing the slower car on the right, the silver car cut back in front of it and hit the brakes. The yellow car swerved to avoid an accident - and flipped over multiple times. Fortunately, the driver wasn't seriously injured.

  • An Alleged Mobster Gets Arrested After A Road Rage Meltdown

    Video: YouTube

    An alleged New Jersey mobster was arrested after an incident in upstate New York on March 14, 2017 was caught on film. Jerry Balzano, a presumed member of the DeCavalcante crime family, forced another driver to stop on a busy highway. He then got out of the car and threatened the other driver.

    Warning: this video contains strong language.