The Best Movies About Dating In Your 40s

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Vote up your favorite films where characters in their 40s find romance.

What are the best movies about dating in your 40s? The 40 Year Old Virgin was a hit when it was first released, in part due to its outlandish premise. A forty-year-old man who's never had sex? Ridiculous. But the idea that everyone has their lives figured out by their forties is far more ridiculous.

If you're still dating in your forties, you are far from alone. As this list of the greatest dating in your 40s movies shows, a lot of people find meaningful partnerships and romances at that stage. What's more, it's still possible to grow and change in your forties, to become a stronger, more loving person and to love yourself. Want to watch films with couples in their forties finding each other? Then this is the list for you. These movies span every genre, from comedies to dramas and it is time to determine the best one.

So vote for all your top movies about dating in your forties, and don't forget to add any recent or new movies that are missing!