15 Common Dating Red Flags That Aren't Actually A Big Deal

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We all know there are a ton of red flags to look out for when it comes to dating. Be it on a potential partners profile, during the first date, or even well into the relationship. But while there are lots of legitimate one out there, there are some dating red flags that aren't real red flags. these Redditors are sharing the red flags that daters don't actually need to be on the lookout for.

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    Being Clingy - AKA Showing Interest Instead Of Playing It Cool

    From Redditor u/cowboynat:

    Being “clingy”. Now ACTUALLY being clingy and overstepping boundaries IS a red flag. But these days a lot of things that are perceived as clingy are just people showing genuine interest as opposed to trying to “play it cool.” Just my opinion though.

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    Having Friends Of The Opposite Gender If They're Straight

    From Redditor u/SmakeTalk:

    As a guy, having female friends. I’ve learned an absurd amount about life and especially what women go through by connecting properly with the women in my life and it’s made me a way better partner. Women who think it’s a red flag baffle me.

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    Calling Immediately To Ask For Another Date

    From a former Redditor:

    Calling someone after the first date if you like them and want a second date, many say you should wait a day but usually that isn’t the case.

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    Being Friends With Their Ex

    From Redditor u/jduisi:

    Being friends with exes. I like when people have exes they're friends with. It means they were mature enough to be like, "we are not compatible anymore in a romantic/life partner sense for whatever reason but I still think you're a great person and no hard feelings."

    If their reaction to a break up is always "this person is de*d to me" or they hate ALL their exes and can't be in the same room as them--that seems like the actual red flag.

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    Texting Back Quickly

    From Redditor u/PerfectCe1l:

    Texting back quickly. It shows you care and want to continue the conversation I don’t get why it’s perceived as weird.

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    Living With Their Parents

    From Redditor u/brew_strong:

    Living with parents. With the current economic climate and how high rent is unless you have a hoard of roommates, it’s difficult.

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