Biggest, Reddest Flags Modern Daters Should Look Out For

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With hookup culture at an all-time high and an array of different ways to meet people at everyone’s disposal, daters have found themselves in a world full of options that can help them find lust instantaneously. So, these methods of meeting people have seemed to lessen the mass appeal of definitive relationships, made it increasingly difficult for those who want to actually date past a physical relationship to identify if their desires are being reciprocated. At a time when dating is as vague and confusing as ever, here are some massive, bright red flags that you shan’t ignore if you see them flowing in the frigid breezes that oft overtake the cold world of dating.

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    They’re unwilling to admit when they’re wrong.

    We’re all wrong sometimes, but the important thing is to one, be capable of identifying when you’re in the wrong and two, be able to own and apologize for it.
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    They take several hours to respond to your texts but every time you’re with them in person they’re constantly on their phone.

    I mean, not everyone is good at texting and some people are busy, so they don’t have their phone in hand 24-7. But if they always seem to have their phone out when they’re around you, then it sure is unlikely that they’re any less interested in their phone when they’re not around you. Whether it means they’re spending time with someone else or are more interested in everything other than you when you’re together, there might be an issue here.
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    You dislike the person you are when you’re around them.

    If you aren’t able to be yourself and feel you must put a façade on around the person you’re dating, recognize that there’s something causing you to change. You can only fake it for so long, so this red flag can’t be ignored.
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    They’re not supportive of/bash your hobbies, goals or aspirations.

    This is pretty cut and dried. If someone doesn’t support your dreams or bashes the things you enjoy, then obviously there’s no real need to pursue or be involved in any type of relationship, much less a romantic one.
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    They’re rude to employees at places you go.

    Waiters at restaurants, cashiers when shopping, ushers at events - if someone is rude to these types of people, it says a lot about their character and the nightmare they might be in private.
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    They take days to respond to your texts.

    Look, not everyone is good at texting, and some people are busy, so they take a while to get to their phone, but if it’s taking someone days to respond, it’s a safe bet that they’re occupied elsewhere on a level that wouldn’t allow you the attention or time you’re seeking.
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