People Describe The Worst Thing They've Done To Get Back At An Ex

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Everyone knows love is a strong emotion, but revenge is even more overpowering, and spurned lovers can be extremely dangerous. A newly single individual will do pretty much anything to get back at an ex, and some people take their revenge a little too seriously. Of course, the most vengeful old lovers flock to Reddit like moths to flame. They share their exploits with pride on the chat boards, completely absolving themselves of any sort of morality. Certain users have horrible breakup stories, so perhaps it's okay that they slept with their respective ex's friends, or stole their drugs to get back at them. You may not agree with the methods, but you'll definitely learn what to look out for if you ever dump a particularly crazy significant other.


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    He Evicted Her During Her Grandmother's Funeral

    From Redditor /u/Pfmohr2

    "Former fiance cheated. Changed locks and dumped her sh*t outside while she was at her grandmother's funeral. It was raining.

    To be fair, that just happened to be when I found out. I thought about being the bigger person and waiting for a better time, but then I remembered she was a c*nt.

    Oh and the guy she cheated with paid me to not tell his wife. I waited for the check to clear, and then sent her all the proof I had."

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    He Deflated Her Lover's Tires

    From a former Redditor:

    "My girlfriend and I worked together at a casino. She decided to cheat on me with a security guard in the casino. I heard from people I worked with that he was close to getting fired because of tardiness. Casino was strict on time in and time out.

    Company holiday party came. I knew the guy had work at 8am and he was going to be staying in the hotel the party was at. Hotel wasn't part of the casino. The casino was about 45 minute drive from the party.

    At any rate, that night I deflated his two front tires. That is, removed the pin within the valvestem with a $0.50 tool from an auto parts store. Since he had only one spare...... Yeah, you know where this is going.

    My girlfriend calls up the next morning and asked me if I flattened his tires. I played dumb. Sure enough he was late and that was his last tardiness and now it leads to termination.

    This was about 10 years ago. The guy was a total *ss to me at work and made my life hell. In hindsight, it was f*cked up, but at least I realized now that I still got back at him."

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    She Sold Him Out To The IRS

    From Redditor /u/Danae-rain

    "When the IRS knocked on the door I told them where he was staying."

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    She Made Him Fail A Class

    From Redditor /u/daria_87

    "We were students in the same course. I started a rumor that a certain topic would be on the final exam the next day and he fell for it, studying only that and nothing else. Probably why he hated me till today..."