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15 People Unveil Behind The Scenes Secrets Of Reality TV Dating Shows

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One Redditor asked "People who have appeared on dating shows, what's it like behind the cameras?" and the internet provided lots of juicy answers. Vote up your favorites below!

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    Need People To Fall In Love

    From Redditor u/bigblueberryb**bies

    I did a car dating show when I was an actor in LA. It was fun and we did a lot of fun trivia games and such. After 2 hours they took me aside and asked if I was in love with the girl. I honestly said that I wasn't but I'd be happy to be friends.

    For a long time I couldn't figure out why they wouldn't use my episode because I thought it was really funny. Turns out they only use the episodes where people actually fall in love with each other in 2 hours. That's a little fast for me.

    Edit: Now I remember it's called Third Wheel it was a blind dating show. Seriously it was fun, just too soon for love.

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    Had To Sign An NDA

    From Redditor u/tdjustin

    Good buddy of mine was on a Bachelorette style show. He was drunk most of time. They used the lavalier mics to have PAs restock whiskey and replace kegs more than they used it to record actual audio for the show.

    It was interesting to see parts of his "story" being told as sweet and kind man, but as a good friend I could just see the drunk on his face on a lot of his dates/interactions. He ended up winning. They also NDA'd him to hell and he refused to talk about the show in any capacity until a year or so after it aired.

    From Redditor u/adam1260

    If he won, did he end up dating the girl after the show at all?

    From Redditor u/tdjustin

    They did! They were together in secret for the 3-4 months in-between the end of filming and the last show airing and were publicly together an additional 2 months.

    But they were both really young (she was still in College) and they didn't live in the same state. Those factors aren't going to let you build a long lasting relationship.


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    Planted Actors/Actresses

    From Redditor u/Handsomeclooney

    So I've had the liberty of dating a girl (now an ex) who was on a dating show and here's what I can relay from what I remember:

    1. There are planted actors/actresses who act outrageously for added production drama in practically every show like this

    2. A large portion of fights/drama that happen are the cause of spread rumors from production to once again spice things up

    3. Lots of it is artificial. Even when the chemistry seems to go well between two people on these shows, they rarely end up together once it's over. Again, the biggest shock from her was how immensely planted most of these shows are

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    Isn't What It Looks Like

    From Redditor u/DeZilk

    I was at First Dates (in the Netherlands) as a date for in background. You arrive at a large empty room with the rest of the background date people and then you have to sign some stuff. I couldn’t wear color or a print, that was too much of a distraction, and the attention should be on the real participants. We saw the participants in the same empty room but we couldn’t talk to them. Then we went to the restaurant, which was a small tv studio. It looks big on tv, but is was really small. There was no music at all, because they had to edit the footage later. They told us to speak loudly. The food was good and the waiters were really nice.