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15 People Unveil Behind The Scenes Secrets Of Reality TV Dating Shows

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One Redditor asked "People who have appeared on dating shows, what's it like behind the cameras?" and the internet provided lots of juicy answers. Vote up your favorites below!

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    The Longer You Stay, The Bigger The Pay

    From Redditor u/thefox47545

    I had a friend who was on [Doce Corazones]. She didn't tell anyone; I was just flipping through channels and saw her face on screen and quickly flipped back. She got kicked off midway. When I confronted her she said it's all staged and you can choose how far you stay on the show. The longer, the more they pay you, but choosing to stay longer will require you to be more and more intimate with, and even kiss, the other participant, whether you liked him or not.

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    Made Him Come Back For The Rejection

    From Redditor u/Shifty377

    A mate went on Dinner Date. Had the date and the producers said they'd call him in the next few days after the winner had been chosen by the girl and they were ready to film the conclusion. They called him on a Friday night while we were in the pub but they wouldn't tell him if he'd won and was going out or whether they would just be filming the rejection. He wanted to stay at the pub but I convinced him to go back. Turns out he lost and after 10 mins of filming spent the evening at home on his own, he was pretty annoyed!

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    Lots Of Backflips

    From Redditor u/airkalen

    I was an extra in an episode of Next that was at Venice Beach. It took 2 hours for the girl to "Next' 1 guy. This guy would run off the bus then do a couple back flips before immediately getting nexted by the girl. This legit took no less than 25 takes and to this day I'm shocked that guy was able to do so many backflips.

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    People "Love The Drama"

    From Redditor u/UnsuspectingBaguette

    A girl I went to high school with was on Married At First Sight, and she said it was mostly scripted and edited to make her look super bad because people 'love the drama.'

    Except, I couldn't tell it was edited. That's just how she was. Anyway, she's engaged again. So it obviously didn't make her look too bad.