15 People Unveil Behind The Scenes Secrets Of Reality TV Dating Shows

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One Redditor asked "People who have appeared on dating shows, what's it like behind the cameras?" and the internet provided lots of juicy answers. Vote up your favorites below!

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    Long Filming Times

    From Redditor u/spodokomodo

    A friend was on the Irish First Dates. She said everything took ages. They had to get there early and wait for hours to be called, they were told to take a toilet break during the date so they could be filmed phoning someone, this took a long time as they had to change microphones, afterwards they had to wait around to be filmed talking about the date. They were given €20 towards the meal and had to pay the rest themselves. The taxi afterwards is just for filming purposes and drops them off round the corner, they have to make their own way home.

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    Made Him Come Back For The Rejection

    From Redditor u/Shifty377

    A mate went on Dinner Date. Had the date and the producers said they'd call him in the next few days after the winner had been chosen by the girl and they were ready to film the conclusion. They called him on a Friday night while we were in the pub but they wouldn't tell him if he'd won and was going out or whether they would just be filming the rejection. He wanted to stay at the pub but I convinced him to go back. Turns out he lost and after 10 mins of filming spent the evening at home on his own, he was pretty annoyed!

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    Really Awkward

    From Redditor u/CouragetheCowardly

    I wasn't on a dating show but I saw one being filmed. A few years ago my wife set up a cool birthday party at an Axe-Throwing place in Atlanta. We had our reservation set up and showed up on time, but we weren't allowed inside because they were filming a show...

    Anyways, it was a young couple probably in their late 20s and it was very clear that they were not on a real date. While we were waiting outside, they had to film them descending the steps several times because they couple wasn't showing enough affection. They also filmed them exiting the venue and walking away about 3-4 times. After they filmed them leaving, we were allowed to go inside, however the production team still wasn't happy with the results so the couple came back in to film a few more scenes.

    You could absolutely tell that these actors weren't into each other at all, as they had to film the girl throwing an axe about 10 times before she got a good [frame], and when she finally got one the dude wasn't even paying attention, so we had to wait for her to try another 5-6 times before she hit one and he ran up and gave her a kiss. It was super awkward to watch and I cannot for the life of me believe anyone would think this was a real date. Pretty surreal experience but I can guarantee that whichever show this was was 100% scripted.

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    Isn't What It Looks Like

    From Redditor u/DeZilk

    I was at First Dates (in the Netherlands) as a date for in background. You arrive at a large empty room with the rest of the background date people and then you have to sign some stuff. I couldn’t wear color or a print, that was too much of a distraction, and the attention should be on the real participants. We saw the participants in the same empty room but we couldn’t talk to them. Then we went to the restaurant, which was a small tv studio. It looks big on tv, but is was really small. There was no music at all, because they had to edit the footage later. They told us to speak loudly. The food was good and the waiters were really nice.

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    Need People To Fall In Love

    From Redditor u/bigblueberryb**bies

    I did a car dating show when I was an actor in LA. It was fun and we did a lot of fun trivia games and such. After 2 hours they took me aside and asked if I was in love with the girl. I honestly said that I wasn't but I'd be happy to be friends.

    For a long time I couldn't figure out why they wouldn't use my episode because I thought it was really funny. Turns out they only use the episodes where people actually fall in love with each other in 2 hours. That's a little fast for me.

    Edit: Now I remember it's called Third Wheel it was a blind dating show. Seriously it was fun, just too soon for love.

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    People "Love The Drama"

    From Redditor u/UnsuspectingBaguette

    A girl I went to high school with was on Married At First Sight, and she said it was mostly scripted and edited to make her look super bad because people 'love the drama.'

    Except, I couldn't tell it was edited. That's just how she was. Anyway, she's engaged again. So it obviously didn't make her look too bad.

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