Struggles of Dating Someone Who is Overly Expressive/Can't Hide Their Feelings

From not being able to conceal their true feelings about your restaurant selection, to being able to tell *exactly* what they think of your thoughtful anniversary gift the moment they think it, and being able to decipher when they're lying to you from their tell-tale tick, dating someone who's overly expressive can be a challenge. Yet the downfalls also come with upsides; when they appreciate something or are excited, it's broadcast in a giant, unmistakable smile that instantly radiates and affects everyone around them. Same for when they appreciate something in bed... they're very *passionate*.  Their reactions can be totally comical - just try to laugh with them, not at them. And whatever you do, don't trust them to bet money on a poker hand - their face has zero chill.

  • 1

    Don't ask them an honest question unless you're ready for the truth.

    The cold, hard, brutally honest truth... because their face will tell you all you need to know. Like maybe your favorite shirt that you've had forever doesn't look quite as good on you as you thought.
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    You can *usually* tell when they're lying.

    They have tell-tale giveaway cues - they flush, knot up their forehead, or their mouth twitches. You either point it out, or don't let on that you've figured out their cue that's as distinct as Pinocchio's nose growth.
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    They broadcast even the smallest emotions.

    You're tempted to tease them for their forehead crinkle of frustration when they change the radio station just as their favorite song is ending, but you mostly find it ridiculously adorable.
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    When you're arguing, you can tell exactly how much you've hurt their feelings.

    ...And you always debate just throwing in the towel and saying it's not that big of a deal, because you think that's the saddest face you've ever seen.
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    They'll say they're fine with something, but their face will betray them.

    "Sure, I'll ride the Tower of Terror with you. I'll be fine," they'll say, but their face will display something entirely different. You'll quickly learn to ask, "Are you sure?"
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    As tempting as it is to make fun of them when they cry over "nothing," try not to.

    Chances are, that "nothing" means something to them. Even if they're crying over The Notebook for the thousandth time, don't tease them for it unless you want them to start locking up around you. Playfully joking about the situation is OK, but when you target them specifically, that crosses over to rudeness.