family This Woman Surprised Her Cancer-Suffering Mother In A Beautiful Way  

Mick Jacobs

Suffering from a serious illness is not only scary and painful, it also feels incredibly isolating. Because of this, one young daughter decided to help make her own mother's fight with cancer a little bit easier, and it was all caught on camera.

Rebecca Slivinsky, a Connecticut teenager, decided to shave her head in solidarity with her mother, who went through chemotherapy to combat her cancer. Instead of having her mother lose her hair alone, Slivinsky thought it best to join her mother on this journey in whatever way she could.

And it looks like it helped! When Slivinsky pulls back her hood to show her mother her new 'do, the family members emotionally embrace in what can only be described as a mother-daughter connection.

Truly, Slivinsky's mother is lucky to have such a loyal and loving daughter by her side at this trying time. Watch their heartwarming and emotional moment in the clip below.