Killer David Berkowitz's Upbringing May Explain His 'Son Of Sam' Murders

David Berkowitz murdered six people and injured seven more during a series of eight shootings in New York City between 1976 and 1977. Berkowitz gave numerous motives for the killings that are now known as the Son of Sam murders. The most sensational of these reasons is, of course, that he was following the orders of a neighbor's demon-possessed dog. Of all the compelling things that led to his murderous rampage, the relationships Berkowitz had with his birth and adoptive mothers may provide the most answers.

The link between male serial killers and their mothers is often brought up in the media, especially when the killer targets women, and the David Berkowitz mother connection is especially disturbing. Berkowitz's relationship with his birth mother was quite distressing and it wasn't until after he met her that he started killing people. It may have been his messed up and burgeoning connection to his birth mother, combined with his resentment toward his adoptive parents and his neglectful birth father, that caused him to snap

There's plenty of dysfunction to explore when it comes to the Son of Sam and his mothers.