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Fun Facts You Didn't Know About David Bowie

David Bowie seemed to live many lifetimes in his too short 69 years. In fact, if you only saw photographs of him, you’d be right to ask “Who is David Bowie?” Or even, “Who is the real David Bowie?” His life is one that defies a linear scope, but this list of offbeat David Bowie anecdotes should help you understand what kind of person the mythical David Bowie was. One of the obvious through lines on this list of David Bowie trivia is that he was a good friend to those who truly knew him. You’ll start noticing a lot of the same names popping up in many of these David Bowie stories, as he ran with a small group of (very famous) people. Hopefully you’ll learn something you didn’t know on this list of fun facts about David Bowie.

There are a few notes we all know from the David Bowie biography: he wore a lot of makeup, did a lot of drugs, went a little crazy, and managed to come out of everything not only unscathed, but as an iconoclast. A lot of the stories on this list won’t be found on the David Bowie wiki. In fact, we had to do quite a bit of digging to discover some of these facts and secret David Bowie history, but it was certainly worth in order to get to know him a little better. Hopefully you’ll become obsessed with the Starman all over again after you chew through some of these brilliant quotes and David Bowie facts.
  • Bowie Was Obsessed With Medieval History

    Photo: Labyrinth / TriStar Pictures
    According to legendary producer Tony Visconti, Bowie had a longstanding fascination with medieval and Russian history and most of his recent work was informed by those subjects.
  • He Once Traveled Across Russia By Train

    In 1973, Bowie (deep in his Ziggy Stardust phase) traveled Russia by the Trans-Siberian Railway. Allegedly, on the trip he and Iggy Pop illegally crossed the Russian-Chinese border while in the middle of a street race.
  • John Lennon Once Made Bowie Eat An Egg Soaked In Urine

    After being asked by GQ about the worst thing he ever put in his mouth, Bowie told a story about John Lennon shoving "a thousand-day-old egg cooked in horse piss" in his mouth. YUM!
  • He Loved To Travel By Boat

    Bowie already had a fear of flying, but after the horrific events of 9/11 he gave up transatlantic flight altogether and began traveling on the Queen Elizabeth II whenever he had to leave New York for London.