15 Posts About What It Was Like To See David Bowie Live In Concert

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David Bowie is among the greatest artists that the world has ever seen, and he's been a performer in every sense of the word, from music to movies (here are a few small details), he really did it all before his passing in 2016.  People on the internet have been posting about what it was like to see Bowie in concert, and we have collected the most genuine descriptions and experiences that we could find. Don't forget to vote up your favorites.

Photo: Stephen Clark / Quora

  • 1. u/Apprehensive-Pin1474

    Photo: u/Apprehensive-Pin1474 / Reddit
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  • 2. Anthony Lebaron

    Anthony Lebaron
    Photo: Anthony Lebaron / Quora
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  • 3. Stephen Clark

    Stephen Clark
    Photo: Stephen Clark / Quora
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  • 4. Walter Slavin

    Walter Slavin
    Photo: Walter Slavin / Quora
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  • 5. u/Im-a-Blackstar

    Photo: u/Im-a-Blackstar / Reddit
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  • 6. u/ExplosiveMouth

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