Morbid and Terrifying Details About David Parker Ray, AKA The Toy Box Killer

David Parker Ray, also known as the “Toy Box Killer,” kidnapped, raped, and tortured dozens of women from approximately the mid-'80s to 1999, when New Mexico law enforcement finally captured him after his final victim managed to escape and run down the highway in nothing but a dog collar. Although the authorities secured a conviction against Ray for kidnap and rape in 2001, investigators never recovered the bodies of his suspected victims, preventing a murder sentence against the former government employee. 

Ray had accomplices who knew exactly what he was doing in his “toy box,” a re-purposed trailer devoted specifically to sexual torture located in a remote area of New Mexico. In addition to torturing his victims - which he picked up from the same bar near Elephant Butte - Ray used drugs and brainwashing techniques to prevent the women from remembering exactly what happened in the trailer. Ray managed to evade the FBI manhunt for him, in part because he had no criminal record and appeared to be a friendly neighbor. Ray died in 2002, shortly after his conviction, preventing the FBI from fully locating and identifying the Toy Box Killer’s many suspected victims.


  • He Recorded A How-To Monologue For The Women He Kidnapped

    When New Mexico law enforcement arrested David Parker Ray in 1999, the FBI searched his remote Elephant Butte Lake property. Inside Ray’s “toy box” trailer, investigators recovered audio tapes Ray had recorded, some of which he intended specifically for his victims. The 30-minute tape introduced to his abductees - predominantly women in their early 20s - a general “advisory” meant to intimidate and psychologically disarm them.

    The 1993 audio, which Ray used throughout the ‘90s, proposed that Ray was not acting alone in the abductions. The introductory tape also explained that Ray was playing a "torture game" and how the captors planned to continually rape the victims for at least a month. The tape concluded with an implicit threat:

    Be smart and be a survivor. Don’t ever scream. Don’t talk without permission. Be very quiet. Be docile and obedient and, by all means, show proper respect. Have a nice day.

  • Ray Also Committed Torture Involving Bestiality

    In 1999, when local law enforcement found Cynthia Vigil Jaramillo, she was naked except for a dog collar and chain. Ray reportedly treated his victims like dogs, forcing them to eat on the floor while bound with a leash. In Jaramillo’s account of her captivity, she relayed how Ray bathed her like a dog and forced her to perform sexual acts for him and his accomplices.

    Jaramillo also recounted how her captor forcefully inserted gravy into her vagina so that a dog would remove the contents against her will.

  • He Had Multiple Accomplices

    The Toy Box Killer did not abduct, confine, and assault women on his own. Over the course of his tenure as a New Mexico Parks Department employee, Ray met Cindy Hendy, and they became romantically involved. In his 1993 recorded message, Ray tells his captives they will be forced to sexually service Hendy as well.

    After the police apprehended Hendy, she admitted that Ray committed the crimes with the help of two additional people - his daughter, Glenda Jean “Jesse” Ray, and Dennis Roy Yancy - in exchange for a plea deal. She received a 36-year prison sentence and testified that Ray and Yancy tortured and murdered Yancy's ex-girlfriend, Marie Parker. Yancy later pled guilty to Parker’s murder.

    The courts charged Jesse Ray with kidnapping and criminal sexual penetration. She pled no contest and received a 30-month sentence. 

  • Ray Drugged And Brainwashed His Victims

    In the transcripts of his tapes, Ray details how he plans to let his captives loose after he's finished with them. The FBI identified victim Kelli Garrett from a recovered 1996 video. Garrett suffered from amnesia, in part because Ray had drugged her during her captivity. The authorities found her unconscious and injured on the side of the road. Her later account corroborated with the Toy Box Killer’s advisory tape:  

    I get off on mind games. After we get completely through with you, you’re gonna be drugged up real heavy, with a combination of sodium pentothal and phenobarbital. They are both hypnotic drugs that will make you extremely susceptible to hypnosis, autohypnosis, and hypnotic suggestion. You’re gonna be kept drugged a couple of days, while I play with your mind. By the time I get through brainwashing you, you’re not gonna remember a f*ckin’ thing about this little adventure.